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Tropos Adds Mesh Channels

Metro-scale mesh startup Tropos Networks has upgraded its wireless LAN product so it can support multiple services across a public network.

And the firm is attempting to get an edge in the increasingly competitive metropolitan area WiFi market by branding all its hardware and software offerings as "MetroMesh" [ed note: ooooh, creative!].

Ron Sege, CEO of Tropos, says the name change reflects where the company is at. "We're branding our solution as MetroMesh because from day one we've focused on covering large areas with a routing protcol," he says.

The firm has added "virtual" channels to its software, so that networks built using its mesh routers can offer customers different service and security levels across the mesh. Sege says this means Tropos can offer further developed mixed-use networks with different security and priority levels for emergency workers, municipal employees, and the general public.

This is not a new concept in the enterprise wireless LAN market and some companies like Colubris Networks Inc. are offering similar "virtual APs" for mixed-use public and private services over standalone APs (see Colubris's Enterprise Ambitions). But such services are more difficult to maintain when roaming across a mesh network.

— Dan Jones, Site Editor, Unstrung

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