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Trends for 2012: Mobile Payments

The team at Pyramid Research , part of the Light Reading Communications Network, has looked ahead to 2012 to identify the key trends they expect to see in the coming year. Follow the "Trends for 2012" series of articles to build up a picture of what's coming down the pipe in the next 12 months.

Point of sale apps will proliferate before standards force consolidation after 2012
The meteoric rise in smartphone ownership will increase the amount of innovative companies pushing their own point-of-sale service applications using different approaches, including bar-code scanning, QR codes, NFC, premium SMS and picture scanning, among others. We expect that moves from market leaders such as PayPal, Google and Apple will clear the path toward standardization, but standardization will only happen after 12-18 months of application and service experimentation.

Regulators will become more involved in the mobile payment ecosystem to foment market development
Recent negative experiences in Guatemala and Colombia show that it will be crucial for payment vendors and mobile operators to get involved.

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