Travel Notes: Gatwick

9:00 AM -- Time to jet across the big pond to Light Reading's The Future of Telecom – Europe 2005. That entails one of those painfully brief, fall-asleep-just-long-enough-to-be-woken-by-a-stewardess-demanding-the-seat-be-pulled-to-the-upright-position slumber sessions.

Finally, touchdown at Gatwick Airport, where I've discovered the local restroom has been awarded the highly coveted, prestigious, and cosmopolitan Loo of the Year Award.

In case you're wondering, according to the Website:
    The Awards are run independently and promoted by the British Toilet Association, with sponsorship provided by Armitage Shanks, The British Cleaning Council, Cannon Hygiene, SCA Hygiene Products and Technical Concepts - together with the national tourism bodies of England, Scotland, Wales and Northern Ireland.

Northern Ireland! Imagine that -- the British Cleaning Council fostering work with Northern Ireland in recognizing clean loos across the United Kingdom. Peaceful toilets may be at hand after all!

And does the U.S. have a Toilet Association? If not, why not?

— R. Scott Raynovich, US Editor, Light Reading

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