Top Ten Stocks Update

4:45 PM -- April flowers, right? Now that spring has sprung we figure it's a good time to have a look 'round our Telecom garden and see if any of Light Reading's Top Ten Telecom Stocks have sprouted.

Back in the beginning of January, we put together a broad list of stocks we thought would take advantage of the global telecom boom. That's right -- we said boom. Whether you realize it or not, telecom continues to be one of the strongest sectors in global markets.

In the spirit of accountability, we're tallying up the results. The methodology is simple -- the difference from what the stock was priced at the open on January 19, the day after our article was published, and what it was priced at the close of trading today.

Here's what we got:

Table 1: Top Ten Telecom Stocks YTD
Company Symbol Price (January 19, Open) Price (April 23, Close) %change
American Tower Corp. AMT 39.64 38.8 -5%
Amdocs Ltd. DOX 33.82 37.75 11%
Cisco Inc. CSCO 26.45 26.58 0%
NeuStar Inc. NSR 30.38 28.72 -5%
KPN Telecom NV KPN 15.01 16.59 10%
Tellabs Inc. TLAB 10.07 10.41 10%
Emerging Telecom Fund ETF 18.36 20.84 13%
Arris Group ARRS 13.08 14.76 12%
Time Warner Cable Inc. TWTC 21.2 20.35 -4%
Verizon Communications Inc. VZ 37.57 37.55 0%

Not bad. Looks like the whole portfolio averaged out nearly 5% up, if you bought equal amounts of everything.

Our favorite stock remains KPN Telecom NV (NYSE: KPN), for some strange Dutch reason. I believe this company will be acquired in 2007.

— R. Scott Raynovich, Chief Telecom Stock Jock, Light Reading

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