Top 5 List

4:15 PM -- Here are the Top 5 services I wish my wireless carrier offered:

  1. Internet-based phone location lookup -- for phone losers like me ("Oh, it's under my couch!")
  2. Internet-based phone memory eraser -- for when the location service doesn't work
  3. A service that tells you when you're getting too close to someone you've put on your banned numbers list
  4. A service that overrides the service I just wished for (I'm a reporter -- I'm on everyone's banned list)
  5. A flat-rate charge for everything. I mean, everything. Texting, pic uploads, voice, international calls, whatever. Just quote me some fat, ridiculous number, don't change it every week, and I'll pay it.
Can anyone possibly predict what their cell bill's going to be anymore? Sprint, my carrier, has to be the worst in the world at making pricing consistent and reasonable. (Typical customer service explanation: "Well, sir, it's very simple. We just bill a flat rate of $45.37 a month, plus 8 cents for each outgoing message and 7.2 cents for each incoming message, plus $1.3123 a kilobyte used in your service area -- and that price triples if you're standing still -- and finally we multiply all charges by the square root of Gary Forsee's pension check.")

Really. Give me a break.

— Phil Harvey, Barely Managing Editor, Light Reading

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