Top 10 Mobile Mishaps

What was the last accident you had with your mobile phone? A survey (not a new one, but it's still good for a laugh) by The Link, a U.K. mobile phone retailer, found that water hazards are top of the mishaps reported by users looking for recompense from their insurers.

While a soaking is the top hazard, one incident reported a handset getting a grilling along with the burgers and steaks on a barbeque. "And how would you like your T68i? Well done?"

The top 10 (drum roll please) is:
1. Drowned (sea, river, canal, lake, or slurry pit).
2. Run over by a car, bus, or lorry.
3. Left on car roof while owner drove off.
4. Dropped down the toilet.
5. Fallen from scaffolding and smashed.
6. Disappeared down drain or shaft in the street.
7. Sports accident -- dropped while cycling, mountain climbing, or horse riding.
8. Plunged onto rail tracks and smashed by train.
9. Incinerated accidentally with household or garden rubbish.
10. Buried in liquid concrete.

Er, in liquid concrete? Together with its owner, courtesy of the Mafia?

— Ray Le Maistre, European Editor, Unstrung
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