Time Warner Hikes Cable Modem Speeds

Time Warner Cable is giving some of its cable modem customers a free speed hike for the holidays. Time Warner announced earlier today that it's boosting the maximum download speed of its standard Road Runner service to 5 Megabits per second (Mbps), up from 3 Mbps, for metropolitan New York and New Jersey subscribers. Similarly, Time Warner is raising the maximum download speed for premium Road Runner subscribers in the New York area to 8 Mbps from 6 Mbps. Residential customers in other Time Warner markets will see the twin speed increases in January. In related news, Time Warner has also begun offering video e-mail service to high-speed data subscribers. Vibe Solutions Group is providing the service, which allows cable modem users to record and send video e-mail, create and send customized greeting cards and text, and record video and digital photos. Comcast Corp. began offering a similar service to its data subscribers over the summer.
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