Time to Double Down on DSL?

Thinking about the efforts of U.S. telcos to extend fiber deeper in their networks to boost DSL speeds and support IPTV services, an odd thought occurred to me: why don't they simply install a second phone line and DSL set-top in the home for video? If each DSL modem and line served up 6 Mbps, that's 12 Mbps immediately available for a triple-play offering. In Asia and Europe a number of players are successfully delivering the triple-play via DSL including Softbank BB in Japan, Free in France, FastWeb in Italy, and Video Networks Limited in the UK. The model works. In the 1990s second phone line installations soared as U.S. consumers added links for dial-up internet connections, fax machines and home office needs. Then the trend reversed, as consumers dumped those second lines in favor of broadband DSL and cable modems, and the efax and VoIP services that ride over them. As a result, there's a lot of unused copper in neighborhoods and homes. Would installing DSL second lines, rather than trenching in fiber, cost less and accelerate video deployment for telcos?
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