Time For A Change

Light Reading has had a major revamp – check it out!

spc_isdnip 8/15/2013 | 8:42:02 AM
Re: Lordy this is awful! But they pretty much all have that symbol! If it were like the New York Times, where there's a little section on the home page with videos, separate from the news stories, easy to ignore, then it would be okay.  But with the bulk of the content accompanied by self-starting video, it's not okay.  Not at all.
Gabriel Brown 8/15/2013 | 4:55:36 AM
Re: Lordy this is awful! That's strange. That didn't happen to me.

Edit: Well, a video does start automatically when you click a story with a little video camera icon beside it. But that seems reasonable.
spc_isdnip 8/14/2013 | 11:32:10 PM
Lordy this is awful! I like to read a lot of news sites every morning to keep up with the industry. I do NOT want television shows!  I do NOT EVER want to go to a web page and have video start palying at me, with audio blaring out the speakers, just because I'm trying to read something.  Hitting a reader with audio is the epitome of web rudeness.  LR has jumped the shark once and for all.
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