Three Hot Little Pigs

5:00 PM -- Yahoo News reports on a slight variation to the well known, always disturbing "Three Little Pigs" nursery rhyme:

    A farmer's home in northern Serbia was destroyed in a blaze caused by three pigs that broke out of their pen, walked into the living room and knocked over the TV, police said Wednesday.

Wow! Fire? This prank sure outdoes the Big Bad Wolf and his Big Bad Breath. These little oinkers are finally taking a stand!

The piggies may appear to be at fault, but who told the farmer to leave a key under the mat?

The fiery tale continues:

    No people were hurt, but the pigs perished.

    The farmer was out at the time, police said.
I'd say the silver lining is pretty clear here: He may be short one house, but at the very least he came home to a ham dinner.

Telecom angle: It was not apparent at press time if the house had broadband access.

— Red Panda, Pyromaniac, Light Reading

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