'There's a Sports World... '

NOON -- Like every other fan of sports and train wrecks, I had to stop down yesterday for the Barry Bonds press conference. And after listening to it, I've concluded that only Mike Tyson could have given a better interview. Maybe. Here's a couple of highlights:

You guys are going to be the same people next week as some tragedy happened, how we need to save our children and everything else and next week, you're the same people sitting there coming, how we should be doing this and how we're evil people, or, you know, you guys, it's one thing after another. You know, pick one side or the other. Are y'all going to be good people or are you all going to be who you are and make the game or sports what it is? It's become "Hard Copy" all day long. Are you guys jealous? Upset? Disappointed? What?

Are we clear on that? And, a little later…

Okay. Strike one, ball one, one out, cheer, boo, yeah, game over, let's go home. I mean, what else do you want to talk about? You know, there's a sports world -- the sports world is as bad as it is because this is the only business that allows you guys in our office to begin with. You can't just go to Bank of America, walk in the office, start interviewing employees. Just the sports world. Well, what for? Well, we don't want to get into the money aspect of it; we'll leave that to the side.

Thank you, Barry.

— Phil Harvey, News Editor, Light Reading

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