The Pierogi of Turin

12:20 PM -- There's been another miraculous apparition of a holy figure in grilled food.

The craze was ignited last year when the famous Virgin Grilled Cheese made a splash on eBay, and it was followed in short time by a Virgin Tortilla, a Christilla, and even a PopeChop.

Yea, and some devotee even managed to get a hold of Jesus' Pants. (Funny, Red Panda thought he wore gowns?)

Now eBay brings us a holy pierogi featuring the likeness of Jesus and capable, no doubt, of curing any and all potato-related ailments. Here it is:

The Pierogi of Turin

...but Red Panda remains skeptical. Sure, he can't deny that someone's face appears in that pierogi, but how can you be sure it's Our Lord's? Mightn't it be someone else who led a group of acolytes and met a bad end? Or even another Middle Eastern leader who ran afoul of a dominant imperial power?

— Red Panda, Future Inhabitant of the Lake of Fire, Light Reading
Mad Ludwig 12/5/2012 | 3:05:50 AM
re: The Pierogi of Turin bidding on the miraculous dumpling is up to a cool $1,000.

...proving, once again, that people will buy anything.
Mad Ludwig 12/5/2012 | 3:04:54 AM
re: The Pierogi of Turin winning bid: $1,775!

goldenpalace.com bought it, as they did the virgin mary grilled cheese... seems they're cornering the market on holy food.
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