The Philter Index

5:45 PM -- Get your fact detection rings on, kiddies! It's time for a special AT&T edition of The Philter Index:

The Philter Index, for Friday, November 18, 2005:
  • SBC's 2004 revenues: $40.7 billion
  • AT&T's 2004 revenues: $30.5 billion
  • Amount of traffic carried on AT&T's backbone network during an average business day: 4.6 petabytes (4.9 billion megabytes)
  • Number of DSL lines in service: 6.5 million
  • Percentage of Cingular Wireless owned by AT&T: 60
  • Number of Cingular Wireless customers in the US: 52.3 million
  • Number of phone directories published by AT&T per year: 110 million
  • Number of AT&T WiFi hotspots worldwide: More than 18,000
  • Number of access lines in AT&T's network: 50.2 million
  • Number of AT&T-managed MPLS nodes: 1,500
  • Number of employees worldwide: 197,100 (as of September 30, 2005 -- SBC: 157,600; AT&T: 39,500)
  • Number of AT&T patents – issued and pending: about 6,000
  • Number of AT&T data centers around the world: 28
  • Total fiber route miles in AT&T's network: 410,000
  • Possible preview of new AT&T logo, which is set to be revealed on Monday, November 21: click here

That is one big phone company.

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— Phil Harvey, Fackts Editor, Light Reading

opticalwatcher 12/5/2012 | 2:53:17 AM
re: The Philter Index Are these numbers right? If so, that means that 2004 saw the following revenues per employee:
SBC: $258,000
ATT: $772,000

This makes ATT look like the more efficient company.
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