The Heavy Reading Team
The Heavy Reading Team

Meet the Heavy Reading team, the industry analysts behind the research arm of Light Reading, who provide in-depth and exclusive research for its live and digital events. The team specialize in authoritative research, custom content, consultancy services and competitor analysis. Take a look below for a team overview, areas of interest and webinar topics we think will be most important in 2024.


Sterling Perrin

Sterling brings over 20 years of telecommunications experience to the table as a respected industry analyst and journalist. At Heavy Reading, he specializes in optical networking, including packet-optical transport and 5G transport. Prior to joining Heavy Reading, Sterling spent five years at IDC as the lead optical networks analyst, spearheading the firm's optical networking research and consulting activities.

Sterling's research encompasses the global optical networking market, delving into hardware and software technologies like DWDM, packet technologies, packet-optical transport, and coherent routing. It maintains a service provider focus, covering major equipment buyers across fixed, mobile, converged communications providers, hyperscale/cloud providers, and cable MSOs. Additionally, Sterling explores the multi-layer integration of optical and packet technologies through physical and software-based approaches.

Sterling's Webinar top picks:

  • Optical Networks for the Middle Mile

    • For service providers, the $42.5B BEAD program necessitates modernizing the fiber optic middle mile backbone with innovations like 100ZR optics and automation to unlock broadband's potential, seize BEAD opportunities, and emerge as connectivity leaders.

  • The Role of Optical Networks for a Quantum-Safe World

    • With the looming "Q Day" quantum threat to break current encryption, the enterprise urgently demands quantum-secure optical networking solutions to fortify sensitive data transmission and avert potential industry devastation by evolving network security.

  • Building an Energy Efficient Transport Network

    • As operators strive to meet sustainability mandates and lower transport costs, this webinar highlights energy reduction opportunities within the aggregation, metro, and core transport networks, enabling end-to-end network sustainability and reduced OpEx per bit.

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Gabriel Brown

Gabriel leads mobile network research for Heavy Reading. Gabriel has more than 20 years of experience as a mobile network analyst. Prior to joining Heavy Reading, he was chief analyst for Light Reading’s Insider research service. Before that, he was editor of IP Wireline and Wireless Week at London’s Euromoney Institutional Investor.

Gabriel guides providers through 5G network evolution with analysis on deployment, emerging technologies, and monetization. Their coverage navigates the Open RAN ecosystem, addressing architecture, vendors, and integration for optimized flexibility and cost-efficiency. Gabriel also explores mobile core modernization via cloud-native architectures, network slicing, and edge computing to enhance agility and performance. Additionally, they highlight leveraging cloud technologies to optimize 5G operations, scalability, and enable innovative cloud-based wireless services.

Gabriel's Webinar top picks:

  • 5G for Large-Scale Events

    • High-profile events, from major sports tournaments to music festivals, now demand robust 5G connectivity to meet the expectations of diverse user groups. We'll explore how service providers can deliver exceptional 5G performance, catering to everyone from general attendees to specialized private services.

  • Charting a Path to NTN and “Direct-to-Device” Satellite Services

    • The satellite communications industry is experiencing explosive growth, driven by lower launch costs, technological advancements, and insatiable demand for ubiquitous connectivity. This presents a unique opportunity for service providers to expand their reach and tap into new revenue streams.

  • Unpacking 5G Core Service Capabilities

    • The rise of 5G standalone (SA) core networks presents a transformative opportunity for service providers to create differentiated service offerings and unlock new revenue streams. We'll delve into the service creation capabilities of the 5G core and explores how they translate into tangible customer value.

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Ruth Brown

Bringing over 20 years of experience in mobile and fixed network research and design from her time at BT, Ruth is a leading authority on network evolution at Heavy Reading. Her expertise spans system architecture, core network technologies (including cloud-native, network slicing, and automation), and the transformative role of cloud computing. A prolific inventor with over 40 technology patents, Ruth is also a passionate advocate for women in engineering.

Ruth analyzes convergence of fixed and mobile networks for seamless services and unified management. She provides insights on optimizing mobile QoS for superior user experiences. Her coverage explores leveraging network slicing for tailored services and new revenue streams. Ruth also examines private network solutions catering to businesses' secure, high-performance connectivity needs.

Ruth's Webinar top picks:

  • Wi-Fi 7 and the Promised LAN

    • The demand for high-performance, always-on connectivity is greater than ever. Wi-Fi 7 presents a game-changing opportunity for service providers to deliver a new era of broadband services with unparalleled speed, reliability, and efficiency

  • Private Networks: Exploring Operator Opportunities

    • 5G and private networks offer service providers a lucrative opportunity to expand their offerings and drive revenue. Operators are uniquely positioned to deliver comprehensive private network solutions thanks to their extensive experience.

  • Embracing 5G AIOps

    • 5G standalone services demand real-time responsiveness and agility. AIOps empowers service providers to meet these demands by optimizing network performance and automating operations.

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Alan Breznik

A veteran in the field with over 30 years of experience, Alan provides invaluable insights into the cable, fibre, broadband, and IP video markets. His expertise spans next-generation broadband technologies like DOCSIS 4.0 and FTTP, as well as the evolving video landscape including streaming services and ATSC 3.0. Alan also offers expert analysis of business services and Wi-Fi advancements. His unique blend of business and technical knowledge makes him a trusted resource for navigating the ever-changing broadband and video industries.

Alan provides forward-looking analysis on next-generation broadband technologies like DOCSIS 4.0, FTTP, XGS-PON, and 10G EPON to help deliver cutting-edge services. His coverage examines the evolving video and streaming media landscape, including streaming platforms and ATSC 3.0, to optimize video delivery and meet customer demands. Additionally, Alan offers valuable insights into business service trends and developments to expand portfolios and capture new revenue streams. He also explores advancements in Wi-Fi technology such as Wi-Fi 6 to enhance performance, capacity, and user experience.

Alan's Webinar top picks:

  • The Future of Pay TV: Strategies for Success in a Changing Landscape

    • Despite cord-cutting trends, video remains a crucial service for many operators. But with evolving consumer preferences and a fragmented streaming landscape, what's the best path forward for pay TV?

  • Bringing Mobile to the Masses: Cable's Expansion into the Mobile Market

    • Following the lead of major MSOs, small and midsized cable operators are entering the mobile market through partnerships with AT&T and Reach. This presents a significant opportunity for cablecos to expand their service offerings and compete more effectively.

  • PON Interoperability: Overcoming Challenges for Next-Gen Broadband

    • As demand for higher broadband speeds surges, cable operators are turning to advanced PON technologies like 10G EPON and XGS-PON. However, interoperability issues between these standards pose significant challenges for deployment.

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Jennifer Clark

A Principal Analyst at Heavy Reading, Jennifer guides network operators through the complexities of virtualization, cloud-native infrastructure, and cutting-edge technologies like edge computing, open source, and container networking. She advises on telco digital transformation journeys, encompassing automation, AR/VR, the metaverse, and quantum technologies. With prior experience as Senior Vice President at Yankee Group, Jennifer is a trusted voice in the industry.

Jennifer's Webinar top picks

  • Generative AI for CSPs: Leading Use Cases & Ethical Considerations

    • Discover how your peers are leveraging GenAI to optimize operations, enhance customer experiences, and drive new revenue streams. We'll also tackle the critical aspects of ethics and explainability in GenAI models, ensuring responsible and transparent AI implementation within your network.

  • Smart Edge: Unlocking the Potential of Edge Computing in Carrier Networks

    • We'll explore the evolving landscape of edge computing in carrier networks, examining the critical factors for successful and cost-effective deployments. We'll delve into the importance of zero-touch deployment and management, and discuss strategies for optimizing your edge infrastructure to unlock its full potential.

  • Hyperscalers in Carrier Networks: Navigating the Evolving Landscape

    • Hyperscalers are playing an increasingly significant role in carrier networks. Is this a challenge or an opportunity? This webinar examines the evolving relationship between CSPs and hyperscalers, exploring the benefits and potential challenges of this dynamic partnership. We'll discuss the critical role hyperscalers play in AI adoption, and explore strategies for mitigating cloud lock-in and promoting multi-cloud solutions through standards and industry initiatives.

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