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DHagar 8/8/2018 | 5:01:44 PM
Re: The Great Edge Computing Land Grab Printable Calendar @miles.m, there you go!  That is exactly what I believe will develop are new "networks".  Thanks for example.  Plus, I believe the communications service providers will play a role - so we will have infrastruction, connection, distribution, and services.

It will be a new landscape!
DHagar 8/7/2018 | 5:29:30 PM
Re: The Great Edge Computing Land Grab @kq4ym, well stated!  Absolutely!

I believe the answers will evolve into a hybrid.  There must be a foundation for existing locations (ie, cities), but "connected" in new and different networks.  I believe that is the opportunity for new relationships and models to form between infrastructure and service providers, and public/private partnerships?
kq4ym 8/7/2018 | 8:25:43 AM
Re: The Great Edge Computing Land Grab Location, location, location seems to still be holding up even in the world of computing and internet. While it's noted that "the arms race is basically on real estate right now," it will be interesting to see how local governments react to the demand for more commercial uses of buildings and locations needing access for antennas and infrastructure that wasn't contemplated when zoning and building regulations were originally put into place decades ago.
DHagar 7/26/2018 | 5:59:17 PM
Re: The Great Edge Computing Land Grab Carol,  outstanding.  The view from towers will be interesting.  That is very true on his broad view.  I am beginning to believe there will be new roles and interrelationships as the edge computing is applied and deploys 5G, IoT, etc.

Thanks for great information and keeping us in the current know!
Carol Wilson 7/26/2018 | 11:31:16 AM
Re: The Great Edge Computing Land Grab Thanks. The thing I like about Joe Reele is that he has not particular axe to grind on how this all happens, since Schneider Electric is a vendor to just about everyone in this ecosystem. I thought his perspective was very valuable. 

Right now, every conversation on edge computing with the different players seems to go off in a new direction. So much is happening that it's hard to track. Today I'm talking to some tower folks to get their views. 


gregw33 7/26/2018 | 10:07:58 AM
The Edge is a Real Estate Decision Carol, 

Excellent and timely article.  I'm not going to jump in to the semantic arguements of what and where the edge is.  However, if an application's edge needs a bunch of CPU's it needs a roof (and HVAC, Security, ...) or at least an environmentally hardened enclosure.  Hence, it's real estate.  Who happens to have real estate in most city centers? The ILEC/PTTs.   How they play their RE cards should be interesting to watch. 


DHagar 7/25/2018 | 5:21:58 PM
Re: The Great Edge Computing Land Grab Carol,

Great blog and outline of the "changing" landscape and bi-directional networks that are resulting.  The is more that we don't know, in that the future will be played out in different models, etc., than what we do.

Thanks for keeping us informed.

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