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Podcast: NTT CTO Ettienne Reinecke on the Edge Evolution

Network operators have been making investments in high-bandwidth, high-frequency 5G technologies and it could take years for those investments to pay off. While that's happening, advances in edge computing and data analytics are improving IoT, enterprise computing, private networks and all kinds of other applications in the technology landscape.

Those are some of the observations of NTT's CTO Ettienne Reinecke, who joined the podcast this week from Sydney and discussed his post on the most disruptive tech trends he sees taking place this year.

Reinecke's focus is mostly on how enterprises are using technology. Since he's from NTT, the discussion volleys back and forth between traditional IT and next-gen communications infrastructure. In the podcast, he tells Light Reading's Phil Harvey and Kelsey Ziser about NTT's continued advancements in edge computing technology, as used at the 2019 Tour de France. He also discusses NTT's ongoing project in Las Vegas, where the city is using edge computing, sensors and AI to help first responders and improve traffic management.

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    Phil Harvey, US Bureau Chief, Light Reading

    JoeMurphy 1/30/2020 | 8:05:03 AM
    great podcast thank you for this podcast. I think you talk about some really important thing, especially for the my , for me as a part of this group that was very important. 
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