The Dish on Dish, Part II

12:10 PM -- So here's how DISH really screwed up.

I've already groused that it took an absurd amount of time to get an HDTV receiver and a satellite dish upgrade for my home. During that absurd amount of time, I found a huge hole in DISH Network's customer service strategy. They can't schedule more than one "service event" at any given address.

Here's what happened: Before my new receiver was installed, my old one had a fit of connection troubles. I called customer support and, after a half-hearted attempted at trouble-shooting the problem, the DISH rep said, "Sorry, but you're already scheduled for a service call in eight days. And our computer system won't let us schedule concurrent calls. There's nothing I can do."

And that was it. He was more than willing to leave me with no TV service of any kind for eight days. No refund offer. No attempt to accelerate my new receiver's delivery. There's nothing he could do.

He did suggest I take the device to a consumer electronics shop, like Best Buy, to see if they could fix the problem. But who's going to pay for that?

So that's all in the past. Bygones, as they say. In my next post, I'll describe how they're still screwing up and why I think truck rolls are going to be the next big premium service for TV service providers.

One more update to my last DISH post: TiVo did win its patent infringement case against EchoStar Satellite LLC , DISH's parent company. If this means they're coming to my house to get my new ViP 622, I'll definitely report back. — Phil Harvey, News Editor, Light Reading

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