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Microsoft expands telecom portfolio with Azure private MEC

An 'evolution' of Microsoft's previous offering in the area, Azure private MEC represents a melding of the company's cloud computing technology with its new Affirmed and Metaswitch assets.

Ericsson bags 5G 'core' deal with Vodafone UK

The UK's mobile core market looks increasingly Nordic as Ericsson extends its role within Vodafone's network.

Nokia covers all the bases with its cloud partnerships

Dish went all-in with AWS. Nokia is splitting its time and attention between the three leading cloud providers. Contributing analyst Roz Roseboro looks at the merits of the approach and how it lines up with each cloud provider's strengths.

Light Reading Recap: Week of June 11

Last week's highlights included a piece of good news for TikTok users in the US, a big bet on BT's fiber rollout from French telecom giant Altice and Starlink's plans to provide in-flight Wi-Fi.

A better mousetrap, or just a trap? Questions about Dish and AWS using the public cloud for 5G

This isn't your typical telco-cloud partnership, but it might be the most interesting of all, given Dish's greenfield status and a handful of unanswered questions, writes contributing analyst Roz Roseboro.

Heavy Reading's Sterling Perrin: Optical networking's next act

Heavy Reading's Sterling Perrin discusses the latest with 400G pluggables in the metro and 800G optical modules in the data center as we preview this week's event, "Optical Networking Digital Symposium: A New Age of Optical Networking."

It's time for telecom to worry about the public cloud

Telecom operators sound like they have given up resisting AWS, Google Cloud and Microsoft Azure. They are risking a lot.

MWC Barcelona poll: Most say they'll stay away

Our unscientific reader poll shows that nearly 7 in 10 folks who attended #MWC19 will not likely turn up for #MWC21.

A Cellnex mutation could upend European telecom

Cellnex has gone from renting out space on towers to buying 5G equipment in a move that has major ramifications for service providers, equipment makers and authorities.

Here's how much a 5G wireless network really costs

It should cost up to $76,000 to rent a helicopter to lift a 5G radio on top of a cell tower. (That's the price for up to 3,200 pounds of equipment and the 6-hour day rate plus the hourly rate.)

Automation in the 5G core

SPONSORED: Heavy Reading's 'Cloud-Native 5G Core Operator Survey' explores the adoption and implementation of 5G core infrastructure and services automation.

Huawei and the great 6G schism

The Chinese equipment giant questions the need for 6G and even 5G technology as protectionism looms and US sanctions force a strategic shift.

Some analysts sour on AT&T's 5G prospects

AT&T plans to 'continue to grow at least at our fair share, if not greater.' But some financial analysts worry the company is 'ceding the fight in wireless.'

Verizon to start deploying open RAN gear this year

Most of the 5G hardware supplied by Verizon's vendors – Ericsson, Samsung and Nokia – will comply with open RAN specifications starting next year.

Verizon's 4G network one of the most congested in the world – analyst

A Rewheel study based on factors including macro cell site counts and customers' average data usage indicates Verizon, Jio and MTS operate networks that could be constrained.

Ligado's CEO talks spectrum values, partnerships and sales

Ligado's Doug Smith addresses questions on how the company's L-band spectrum might aid C-band auction winners, and whether he has fielded any purchase inquiries.

How a new crop of vendors is breaking into the 5G core

Casa Systems, HPE, Mavenir, Microsoft, Athonet and Parallel Wireless are just some of the 5G core network vendors challenging established heavyweights like Huawei and Cisco.

Industry debates 'the art of the possible' in 5G spectrum sharing

Responses to a Department of Defense request for information on 5G spectrum sharing raise questions about network slicing, spectrum auctions and the future of valuable midband spectrum.

AT&T to launch standalone 5G later this year

AT&T's Igal Elbaz said the operator would work on 'scaling' standalone 5G throughout 2021. However, he did not name the operator's vendors.

FirstNet allocates $218M for 5G core, coverage improvements

As a wide range of vendors tout their core wares, FirstNet's board has approved $218 million to upgrade the agency's two-year-old LTE core with a fancy new one that can support 5G.

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