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What's the Story? FWA both friend and foe to cable cos

In this episode, Jeff Baumgartner explains why some streaming services now have ad-supported versions; what the future holds for DOCSIS; and whether the FWA market presents new opportunities, competition or both to cable operators.

What's the story? Astound and Atlantic Broadband rebrand

Jeff Baumgartner explains what the rebranding of two cable companies means for the customers and markets they serve.

What's the story? Streaming TV providers seek market stability

Light Reading's Jeff Baumgartner explains the challenges that streaming TV providers face in keeping subscribers while achieving profitability.

Locast halts interruptive, donation-seeking ads in wake of court ruling

The decision eliminates messages seeking donations that would appear every 15 minutes and interrupt live TV broadcasts delivered on Locast's streaming platform.

Is it time for smaller cable ops to enter the mobile fray?

Striking MVNO deals could help Tier 2/3 cable ops push their broadband agendas, but the costs and operational challenges are immense. CoBank believes there are options, including partnerships, that ops could explore.

Analyst relieved T-Mobile is pulling the plug on TVision

Winding down of T-Mobile's in-house pay-TV service and teaming with YouTube TV and Philo is 'an incremental positive' for T-Mobile, analyst says. Will other MobiTV partners follow suit?

Podcast: Can live sports save pay-TV?

Light Reading's Jeff Baumgartner discusses new streaming services such as Paramount+, whether live sports can keep pay-TV alive, and what other features are keeping pay-TV subscribers from cutting the cord.

YouTube TV to launch premium add-ons as sub base flattens out

The streaming video service is preparing a yet-to-be priced add-on that will provide access to shows in 4K, allow subs to download shows, and provide unlimited streams at home.

Comcast holds 9.3% stake in FuboTV

The 'sports-first' virtual MVPD has about 545,000 subscribers and is preparing to enter the online sports betting market in a big way.

TVision is a slick platform, but content mix will need to evolve

T-Mobile's new OTT-TV service is a good start, but will likely need to morph and change if it's to generate mass appeal.

Comcast teases 'interactive livestreams' for X1

Cable op is developing enhanced television applications for its pay-TV platform that will be powered by tech from Watchwith, the deep metadata company Comcast acquired in 2017.

Netflix adds 15.77M streaming subs in Q1, pushes global total past 182M

SVoD giant's subscriber gains in period blow out original forecast as millions stay home, but warns that the growth spurt is expected to be temporary.

Video streaming – and (gasp!) even traditional TV – gain lift during pandemic

Usage of Disney+, Hulu and Netflix is unsurprisingly up, but so is cable and broadcast TV viewing and the desire among some consumers to add a pay-TV subscription, Hub Entertainment Research finds.

Google developing next-gen Chromecast streamer – report

New, more powerful device expected to support Android TV and a separate voice-capable remote control as Google chases after streaming platform leaders Amazon Fire TV and Roku.

YouTube TV strikes deal to hawk HBO Max

As part of a bigger distribution deal with WarnerMedia, the OTT-TV service is the first non-AT&T distributor to ink a deal for a streaming service set to debut in May.

Sling TV turns 5

To celebrate, the Dish-owned OTT-TV service provider is declaring February 9 as 'National Cut the Cord Day' and promoting a batch of deals for new and existing subscribers.

NBCU Sizing Up $10 Price for Ad-Free 'Peacock' – Report

Comcast-owned programmer also mulling $4.99 price on ad-supported version of subscription SVoD service slated to debut in April 2020.

Podcast: Cable Gets the Urge to Converge

Light Reading's Jeff Baumgartner and Alan Breznick discuss the key themes from Cable Congress and Cable Next-Gen Europe in Berlin, finding there's a renewed focus on 1-Gig speeds and the fixed mobile network.

Disney+ to Rake in 8M Subs 'Out of the Gate' – Analyst

A blend of solid content and aggressive promotions and discounts could help the new streaming service rise to 18 million subs worldwide by the end of Disney's fiscal 2020.

Surge of Streaming Options Triggers 'Subscription Overload' – Study

But platforms that bundle streaming video services, backed by single sign-on systems, could benefit both OTT and pay-TV players alike.

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