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The 2005 Polls Are In!

For 2005, Heavy Reading's analysts predict that increased carrier capex will be driven mainly by triple-play, Ethernet, and mobility services, with VOIP heading the list of technologies targeted for investment.

These projections, with supporting arguments, are contained in one blockbuster report: Heavy Reading Surveys of 2005 Telecom Revenue and Purchasing Plans: The Complete Series.

But how does that jibe with what the Light Reader thinks? Do all those forecasts and data line up with the thoughts of you, the telecom worker?

There's only one way to find out: we have to ask. So Light Reading has set up an easy way for readers to give their own personal forecasts on industry issues from employment to market outlook -- The Light Reading Polls.

In last year's Research Poll, readers predicted strong growth in Ethernet and VOIP equipment, and moderate growth in edge routers and broadband remote access servers.

In last year's Work Poll, readers said finding a job in telecom would be a bit easier than in 2003, but saw no increase coming in salaries.

Also, last year's Work Poll spelled out that the movement of jobs to places like China and India will not end anytime soon, and that competitors based in those countries present the greatest threat to American equipment vendors.

How will things change this year? Share your views by taking the Light Reading 2005 Polls, which come in six flavors:

  • The Data Center Poll surveys readers on the prospects for growth in seven data center technology and service areas (see 2005: It's Your Year).

  • The Research Poll asks readers to sketch their 2005 market outlook in 10 key telecom technology areas.
  • The Work Poll surveys the current job market and tests attitudes towards job security, the likelihood of pay rises and how readers view their career prospects.
  • The Services Poll asks readers to predict revenue growth or shrinkage in a bunch of VOIP markets -- services, equipment, and applications software.
  • The Storage Poll gets readers to name the most significant trends in storage area networking in 2005.
  • The Wireless Poll asks readers to forecast the extent to which WiMax will live up to its hype (see WiMax Guide).

— Mark Sullivan, Reporter, Light Reading

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