Thank God if You're an Idiot

2:00 PM -- This particularly repellent scam is making the rounds of what I like to call the "blogosphere": The wealth-affirming folk at Thank God I...

    are compiling a book series that is soon to be history in the making...a compilation of 127 different books that will all be launched over the period of one year...

    The 127 titles are divided into 6 different categories:

      Mental and/or Physical Health
    Out of these six categories we will be releasing 127 different titles, for example, "Thank God I Was Raped©"
Please note, all you lucky, lucky sexual assault victims out there: They've copyrighted that title. Other inspiring entries in the series include:

    ♥ Thank God I Was/Am a Battered Spouse
    ♥ Thank God I Was Incested
    ♥ Thank God I Have A Small Penis
    ♥ Thank God I Am Deaf
    ♥ Thank God I Am Blind
    ♥ Thank God I Am Crippled
    ♥ Thank God My Mom Died
    ♥ Thank God My Baby Died
    ♥ Thank God I Died
The site is awash with inspirational hearts. Aspiring authors will receive:

    ♥ A three month thankfulness course with personal attention paid to whatever issue you are currently writing about. We are committed to teaching you how to bring ANY issue, challenge or crisis to a state of nothing but pure love and gratitude so that your story can come from that place.

    ♥ The ability to submit up to five different stories for five different titles.
That's welcome news for those small-penised, deaf cripples who've recently died. PLUS:

    Up to 1% [emphasis added] of the net profit from the book sales of the book your story is published in for the lifetime of the book...
No mention of movie rights.

Cost? Only $299 if you sign up now!

Thank God I wear a tinfoil hat!

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sfwriter 12/5/2012 | 3:47:16 AM
re: Thank God if You're an Idiot There's a whole telecom series in here that's missing:

Thank God I backdated my options.
Thank God I invested my life savings in Worldcom.
Thank God I compete against Huawei.

Maybe a new avenue of investment for LR?
rreeder 12/5/2012 | 3:47:01 AM
re: Thank God if You're an Idiot There is another way they make things easier for authors (even ones never before published) - there does not seem to be a requirement that the story written is actually true or experienced by the author. Thus, your creativity can be unleashed!

Don't forget to sign up by Tuesday! After that the cost goes to 399, then 499 to sign up.

If in they end you are not published the fee is refunded. This almost guarantees ANYONE submitting the fee will be published - so here is your chance! And, you don't have to write an entire book - just a 5-10 page story.

Let's see, assuming one misses Tuesday and pays $399 to sign up - and that one gets the full 1% of profits, then to break even,
$400/1% = $40,000 profit for the book;

then, assuming books sell for $20 and the margin per book after all production, marketing and distribution costs is 50%,
Number of books sold = $40,000 / $20 / 50% = 4,000;

However, there are 127 titles planned, so the entire series must sell at least 4,000 x 127 = over 500,000 (1/2 million) for authors to break even on average.

Maybe when Jay Leno brings up one or two on his show it will trigger a rush to buy.
Larry, Monkey 12/5/2012 | 3:46:43 AM
re: Thank God if You're an Idiot Thank God for CoolLightGeek.
CoolLightGeek 12/5/2012 | 3:46:21 AM
re: Thank God if You're an Idiot Larry-

Hey! Don't monkey me!

Oops, I guess you can't help it.

Never mind...

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