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Texting & the Phone Get Divorced

But it's one split that benefits both operators and their customers

Gabriel Brown 5/1/2013 | 11:04:11 AM
re: Texting & the Phone Get Divorced Stuart, I agree. In principal.

Operators should be able to address demand for rich messaging with something that is interoperable across devices and carriers. That's a capability I want.

But they are taking their sweet time. Meanwhile, the market is moving on.

There's talk of RCS messaging becoming a default for interoperable IP messaging, with apps able to build extra capability and functionality on top. But so far it's nearly all talk. There's not much we can actually see and use.
Stuart Cox 5/1/2013 | 9:17:43 AM
re: Texting & the Phone Get Divorced Hi, Sounds like the TuGo app is doing decent job, however the problem I see is similar to the early days of SMS back in the 1990's, both sender and receiver need the app (or try to find a free sms gateway, back in the day). All mobile operators are now delivering SMS's, I anticipate this to continue until there is either a new standard, or a virtual standard for which WhatsApp may be a contender. Either way the future messaging will need ensure any to any service delivery and be restricted to the operators network.
Sarah Thomas 4/30/2013 | 7:41:23 PM
re: Texting & the Phone Get Divorced Thanks, Gabriel. TelDig confirmed that's correct. They don't charge for it, but use it as a way to get their customers do more on the network. Definitely sounds like a great, natural service.
Gabriel Brown 4/30/2013 | 6:19:49 PM
re: Texting & the Phone Get Divorced You need an O2 number, and I think you need to be a post-pay customer. So it's not free, free. Just free if you already give them money. Something like that. Anyway, if you have a tablet it's a good service.
Sarah Thomas 4/30/2013 | 5:01:09 PM
re: Texting & the Phone Get Divorced I was told that there was a fee associated with TuGo, although I know the app is free to download. It might be the case that it's free for now, but they plan to start charging. I will double check. At any rate, I think it's a great app to keep users' loyal, and I do think it should be free.
Gabriel Brown 4/30/2013 | 2:47:52 PM
re: Texting & the Phone Get Divorced TuMe is pretty good. You can make VOIP calls thought it, unlike Whatsapp.

Whatsapp is the one though. Nice service and it has so many users its fast becoming the default messaging platform.

TuGo is a really good idea, I think. It means your phone service (and SMS) can work on several devices (spare phone, tablet, etc). It works pretty well, although I've only tried it out a few times. So far as I know, it's free. The idea being to keep you loyal to O2.
Sarah Thomas 4/30/2013 | 11:24:57 AM
re: Texting & the Phone Get Divorced The Telefonica service I was referring to is Tu Go, it's paid-for complement to Tu Me that's only for its customers for cross-platform communications. The operator says uptake has been great in its first month or two of service, and it's keeping its customers on their platform versus using other OTT alternatives for chat.
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