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Welcome to Testapedia!

Light Reading is proud to bring you our latest community site, Testapedia, a resource for test and measurement (T&M) professionals and their customers.

T&M just isn't important anymore. It's more than important -- it is now fully integral to communications networks. The design of networks, spinning up those networks, maintaining them, and monitoring them on an ongoing basis are ceasing to be discrete stages in network development, each requiring its own set of tools. They are becoming a continuum of functions, with interrelated suites of test, monitoring, and assurance systems that are beginning to bind those stages into a seamless process.

And yet there have been no dedicated resources for this critical endeavor until now. We offer Testapedia as that resource.

Like its sister site Virtuapedia, which Light Reading introduced last year, the anchor of Testapedia is a comprehensive set of searchable databases. Where Virtuapedia is concerned with the virtualization of communications networks, Testapedia covers the companies, products, industry organizations and people that are involved in defining and shaping the telecom test and measurement industry. The databases are tied together by a global taxonomy that identifies and defines the entire T&M ecosystem.

In addition, Testapedia includes a research portal that provides registered users with executive summaries covering all test and measurement research reports created specifically for Testapedia, as well as relevant reports from Heavy Reading, plus coverage of the T&M industry from Light Reading.

Want to know more about the latest developments in T&M, service assurance, monitoring, and other test issues? Check out our dedicated test channel here on Light Reading.

Plans are underway for a full program of webinars covering innovations in the T&M industry, the addition of video, and a jobs board, among other features.

We want Testapedia to be a dynamic hub for the T&M industry, and as we move forward we intend to explore other features that will be of use to Testapedia participants. We welcome discussions about what features will be of greatest use to the community.

Please visit Testapedia today. Let me know what you think.

Michelle 9/30/2016 | 4:25:43 PM
Re: Great launch!! Thanks for your honesty! Now we must all click to find new info. 
Alison_ Diana 9/30/2016 | 12:18:44 PM
Timing is Perfect for Much-Needed Resource The influx of agile and the rapid adoption of DevOps are only two reasons why test and measurement are more critical than ever to service providers and vendors. Interoperability - a key area of focus at the New IP Agency - demands more and more testing. Each new iteration or update generates a chain reaction of tests for each layer of multi-vendor ecosystems within the network. Testapedia will give T&M pros a place -- no, the place -- to find answers, peers and perhaps new colleagues/employees -- to solve challenges, brainstorm and resolve industry hurdles. Having seen Virtuapedia's explosive growth and impact, I know Testapedia will fulfill a similar need in T&M.
[email protected] 9/30/2016 | 9:11:44 AM
Great launch!! This is a great resource - already helped me with some info I needed.

Disclaimer: I could be accused of bias here, but if I didn't think it was grat I would have just not said anything.... looking forward to greater depths of information from lots of different companies, orgs and individuals.
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