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Ixia Launches Software for Pre-Silicon Testing

Ixia announced a test software solution, IxVerify, architected to work in an emulation-based verification flow. The first such verification flow that IxVerify works with is the Veloce Virtual Network (VN) App from Mentor Graphics.

With cloud computing and network function virtualization (NFV) pushing the boundaries of network capacity, network equipment and chip manufacturers are forced to accelerate the development of system-on-chip (SoC) solutions, the company explained.

IxVerify enables design and system verification engineers, as well as well networking engineers, to identify and resolve potential defects early in the design process, which can significantly reduce project costs. Defects found during design can save customers from investing in expensive re-spins, Ixia said. The ability to catch common logic errors as well as challenging path, clocking, and power errors, significantly improves the probability of first-pass silicon success and on-budget delivery.

IxVerify provides hundreds of predefined packet templates for testing Ethernet and TCP/IP protocols and is capable of generating high volumes of traffic. With its ability to run hundreds of virtualized test ports at once, it offers the ability to dynamically shape traffic to ensure zero packet loss at maximum emulation speeds, Ixia said.

With the combination of IxVerify and the Veloce VN App, networking design teams can run the same tests in simulation, emulation, and the lab, providing test consistency throughout the process from pre-silicon design to post-silicon test.

IxVerify and the Veloce VN App enable networking customers to seamlessly exercise an Ixia virtual test environment in a data center-based verification setting where emulation (Veloce) and simulation (Questa, also from Mentor Graphics) resources are available. This allows the reuse of traffic flow generation scripts for greater verification cycle productivity, and gives customers the ability to include comprehensive and realistic network traffic in system-level validation.

Separately, Ixia announced Flex Tap Secure+, a network monitor that can help prevent accidental or malicious injection of data into a live network. It was designed specifically for business critical applications, such as those supporting huge financial transactions daily, as well as governments and other organizations that need to ensure a high level of security for sensitive data, Ixia said.

Flex Tap Secure+ supports speeds up to 100G, and is 100 percent passive. Available in single mode fiber with a split ratio of 50/50, Ixia’s Flex Tap Secure+ helps eliminate a wide variety of potential situations .

Ixia (Nasdaq: XXIA)

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