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5G Put to the Test

As Verizon enters the second month of its six-month permit to conduct field trials for its early take on 5G -- something most thought wouldn't be in the field for at least another year -- test and measurement vendors are amping up their efforts to stay ahead of the 5G deployment race.

AT&T also now has a new partnership with Intel on a millimeter wave (mmWave) 5G business trial, and Sprint is working on 1 Gbit/s wireless speeds by combining a number of technologies, including Massive MIMO. For vendors, this acceleration in pre-5G deployment underscores the need for T&M solutions.

In just the past week, several significant announcements have been covered by Light Reading about testing and 5G:

As 5G continues to dominate many carriers' plans, there are many companies and related products already featured in Testapedia, with a few standouts such as:

  • LabVIEW System Design Software from National Instruments is a development environment in which to visualize, create and prototype communications systems, including 5G MIMO applications that can be deployed directly to processors and FPGAs.

  • The 5G Waveform Generation and Analysis Testbed, Reference Solution from Keysight Technologies enables the evaluation, generation and analysis of 5G waveforms.

  • The Rohde and Schwarz ZNBT is a 24-port vector network analyzer that measures the mutual coupling between antenna elements to reduce system capacity so that antenna engineers can determine the optimal distance between antenna elements in MIMO systems.

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    — Denise Culver, Director of Online Research, Heavy Reading

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