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US military expands 5G testing to include AR, spectrum sharing and open RAN

The US military said it will test 5G networks across a total of 12 bases, and will look at technologies ranging from spectrum sharing to 'Open Radio Access Networks.'

T-Mobile moving NYC's midband 5G signal from Nokia to Ericsson

T-Mobile is shutting off the 2.5GHz 5G signal on Nokia's equipment in New York City. Instead, the operator is using Ericsson equipment to broadcast that midband transmission.

Rakuten unwraps NEC's 5G core

NEC will supply Rakuten's 5G core. That's noteworthy considering Rakuten has emerged as a leading player in the global wireless industry's move to open, cloud-based network technology.

Testing giant Rohde & Schwarz kicks off 6G marketing efforts

Complete with a website, hashtag and possible testing rig, Rohde & Schwarz is looking to take an early lead in the discussion around 6G.

How Attabotics and Microsoft use private LTE to monitor robots

A Canadian startup that thinks it can someday do supply chain logistics better than Amazon has partnered with Microsoft for a private LTE network with edge compute for IoT applications.

DoD gives $2.7M to fund a 5G spectrum-sharing initiative in Salt Lake City

Zylinium Research will develop an AI-based spectrum sharing system alongside the Department of Defense (DoD) and the Platforms for Advanced Wireless Research (PAWR) Project in Salt Lake City.

Emerging Verizon-Walmart 5G deal covers edge computing too

Growing evidence points to a major new agreement between Verizon and Walmart that involves the retailer using Verizon's 5G and edge computing services for a variety of retail offerings.

Healthcare giant Kaiser Permanente considering private wireless LTE network

Kaiser Permanente wants to trial a private wireless LTE network working in 3.5GHz CBRS spectrum for patient monitoring and critical communications.

Operators hope for a VR catalyst to 5G

Verizon, China Mobile and Deutsche Telekom are among the 5G operators rallying around a new batch of virtual and augmented reality devices that could eventually boost their service revenues.

Nokia plays catch-up in 400G Ethernet gear

Nokia is touting new 400G products following its acquisition of Elenion Technologies, but some argue competitors including Infinera, Ciena, Cisco and Juniper Networks beat it to the party.

T-Mobile's 5G reaches 1 Gbit/s, and that's just the beginning

T-Mobile said it scored a 1Gbit/s speed test on its 5G network in New York City – and that transmission didn't even use two of the three 'layers' in T-Mobile's promised 5G 'layer cake.'

FCC on 1 Gbit/s in rural areas using 5G: Good luck with that

The FCC reversed course and now will allow fixed wireless providers, including those using 5G, to get government money for 1Gbit/s services. But the agency clearly has doubts that's possible.

Ligado promises to move forward on 5G despite Pentagon opposition

Ligado promises to 'create a new kind of network,' but the company still faces political and vocal opposition from the likes of Defense Secretary Mark Esper and 'Miracle on the Hudson' pilot 'Sully' Sullenberger.

UPS hints at drone ambitions

UPS has been testing drone operations, but the company's appearance at the Wireless Infrastructure Association's Connect (X) trade show could indicate the company's interest in 4G and 5G connections.

T-Mobile lays out $60B, five-year buildout plan for 5G

T-Mobile is working to build a 5G network spanning roughly 85,000 macro cell sites, and is already upgrading some sites at the rate of 1,000 towers a month.

Here's why Verizon's CEO lowered the bar for nationwide 5G

Verizon's Hans Vestberg wants to take 5G nationwide, just in time for a 5G iPhone in the fall. But he's working to lower expectations for nationwide 5G working in lowband spectrum.

COVID-19 rages on, but service provider networks are still holding up well

Even though traffic patterns changed, new apps became necessities, and a year's worth of network growth happened in less than a week, the Nokia Deepfield team said the world's service providers were ready.

ETSI joins COVID-19 contact tracing app party

European standards body throws its hat into the ring with new specs group to build standardization framework.

Wall Street traders fight over milliseconds in mmWave transmission battle

A new cell tower transmitting in millimeter wave (mmWave) spectrum has sparked a disagreement among Wall Street traders looking to shave a few extra milliseconds off their transactions.

Canada's TeraGo embraces 5G in mmWave spectrum for fixed wireless

TeraGo in Canada has long offered fixed wireless services in millimeter wave spectrum. Now, though, it's planning to upgrade its network to 5G with Nokia.

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