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Ericsson establishes quantum research hub in Canada

MONTREAL – Ericsson Canada today announced it has established a new quantum research hub in Montreal as part of its cutting-edge global quantum research agenda. The hub will host research projects that aim to explore quantum-based algorithms for accelerating processing in telecom networks and distributed quantum computing. Ericsson will pair its researchers with post-doctoral fellows at the universities to carry out fellowships at Ericsson, supporting the quantum research projects, providing the academic challenges, telecom and networking competence and facilities to conduct this advanced research.

Mitacs will deliver support in the attraction, training, retention, and deployment of highly qualified personnel in quantum science and technology through innovation internship experiences and professional skills development. Interns will work with researchers at Ericsson Canada and the universities.

The quantum sector will be key to fueling Canada's economy, technology, and growth, especially as technologies come to fruition and more sectors of the economy look to harness quantum capabilities. According to a study commissioned by the NRC in 2020, it is estimated that, by 2045, the Canadian quantum industry, will be a $139 billion industry and account for 209,200 jobs. Ericsson Canada is well positioned to boost the Canadian quantum ecosystem with its research and development capabilities and existing relationships with Canadian post-secondary institutions like the Universities of Ottawa and Sherbrooke.

Ericsson Canada has been a critical part of this country's innovation ecosystem and R&D story for 70 years, enabling Canada's industries to lead on the world stage, supporting major service providers on their path to nationwide 5G rollout and collaborating with leading players from both academia and wider industry. Ericsson Canada has 3,100 employees in state-of-the-art 5G R&D centres and offices in Montreal, Ottawa and Toronto, is amongst the top 13 R&D spenders in Canada, investing an average of $345M a year for a total of nearly $7B and holds a strong set of 2,000+ Canadian patents out of a global repertoire of 60,000.

Read the full press release here.


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