Terayon Introduces New Digital-Analog Decoder

Building on its successful CherryPicker video processing product line, Terayon Communication Systems Inc. introduced a new digital-to-analog multichannel integrated edge decoder called the CP 7600G. In an interview with CDN, Mark Jeffrey, Terayon's director of product marketing for video solutions, says the product is aimed at helping support MSOs' digital simulcast rollouts. Today, cable operators currently maintain both analog and digital headends and transport duplicate digital and analog programming line-ups over their metro optical and HFC networks to video subscribers. As MSOs begin offering all-digital service tiers to complement today's mixed analog-digital offering, the situation gets a bit unwieldy as they must rebroadcast the same analog channels they already carry in a digital format. An elegant alternative is to distribute all channels digitally (with centrally-managed local ad insertion) across their metro networks. Then at the HFC network edge, the all-digital line-up is forwarded onto all-digital subscribers or converted into analog for analog customers. Terayon's CP 7600G performs this digital-to-analog conversion function at the edge, supporting a Gigabit Ethernet input from the metro optical network. In a one rack unit form factor, the CP 7600G can decode up to six MPEG-2 digital video services to either NTSC or PAL analog format. The platform also supports dual balanced audio for each video channel, enabling operators to offer two separate audio channels -- one in English and one in Spanish, for example -- for each channel of video.
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