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TeraXion Scores $15M Round One

QUEBEC CITY -- TeraXion (www.teraXion.com), an emerging supplier of value-added optical components, announced today the closing of a U.S. $15 million first round (Series A) private placement with a group of investors led by Wynnchurch Capital. Within the framework of its strategic development, TeraXion will use the proceeds to further develop key R & D projects and increase its manufacturing capacity to respond to the ever-growing market demand for its products. TeraXion provides its customers with high-performance components based on Fiber Bragg Grating technology with improved optical specifications. These components act as filters to combine, extract, shape, balance, and stabilize light messages propagating in optical fibers to bring them to destination in a seamless manner.

“Customer reactions have been very positive regarding both the optical performance and the execution quality of our components”, says Alain Chandonnet, TeraXion President and CEO. “This investment will help us leverage the very important relationships established so far with our customers by providing them with continuous product innovations and the manufacturing capacity they are expecting from TeraXion”.

ackronym 12/4/2012 | 8:36:11 PM
re: TeraXion Scores $15M Round One Who needs another Fiber Bragg component startup. These things will be dime a dozen by fall.
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