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Telx Early to Ethernet Exchange Expansion

Collocation and interconnection provider Telx Group Inc. is growing its new Ethernet Exchange business faster than expected, turning up five locations this year, one more than planned, and looking to add two more in early 2011, if not sooner. (See Telx Adds an Ethernet Exchange.)

The company is moving more quickly because of customer demand, says Glenn Calafati, a former Optimum Lightpath exec who joined Telx as VP and general manager of the Telx Ethernet Exchange this summer. (See Optimum Lightpath Expands Service.)

Based on its five sites and a partnership with Neutral Tandem Inc. (Nasdaq: TNDM) that links to 14 other locations, Telx is claiming to have the largest Ethernet Exchange coverage in the US.

Telx, a Leading Lights finalist, is differentiating its service in other key ways, Calafati says, including providing two separate Ethernet switches with different power supplies on two different floors at each of the five interconnection sites where its Ethernet Exchange service is live today: 60 Hudson Street and 111 8th Avenue in New York City; 350 East Cermak Street in Chicago; 56 Marietta Street in Atlanta, and 200 Paul St. in San Francisco.

"That means ultra high availability and greater choice for our customers, depending where in those buildings they are located," Calafati says. (See Light Reading's 2010 Leading Lights Finalists.)

Telx also differentiates itself from a competitor such as CENX Inc. by offering Ethernet Exchange services as another option, along with its existing interconnection and collocation business.

"We become more of a one-stop shop," Calafati says.

The nine new customers announced today include: KDDI Corp. , Expereo, FiberLight LLC , IntelePeer Inc. , Intellifiber Networks Inc. , IPNetZone, OneSource Communications , Packet Exchange, and RRSat.

Telx plans to turn up service in Dallas and Los Angeles by early 2011, although those sites could come online early as well, based on customer demand, Calafati says.

— Carol Wilson, Chief Editor, Events, Light Reading

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