Telephotonics Unveils Metro Package

WILMINGTON, Mass. -- Telephotonics Inc., a supplier of integrated optical components for Dense Wave Division Multiplexing (DWDM) systems, today announced a new optical components architecture with unparalleled economic efficiencies targeted at the Metro market. Marketed under the umbrella name OASIC (Optical Application Specific Integrated Circuit) the first 2 product families to be released are a family of Variable Optical Attenuator (VOA) arrays, and a family of Optical Channel Monitor (OCM) arrays. According to William Giudice, Telephotonics President and CEO, “Early customer feedback has been extremely positive. We have learned that our device functionality and cost models will enable the development of Metro products that were previously cost-prohibitive.”

Telephotonics’ OASIC architecture is a powerful breakthrough technology that substantially reduces the cost while significantly increasing the functionality of DWDM optical subsystems for the Metro market. “The current optical landscape is filled with discrete, expensive, single-function components, much like the transistors and diodes of 1960’s semiconductors. Our technology slashes the cost of optical componentry by implementing highly integrated, tunable optical circuits on a single substrate using a proven very low-cost high yield manufacturing process,” according to Louay Eldada, Co-founder and CTO of Telephotonics.

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