Telephony's Carol Wilson to Join Light Reading

You may want to be sitting down for the rest of this article. Go ahead and swallow that coffee, too.

OK, you comfy? Ready?

Here comes the news: Carol Wilson, the editor-in-chief of TelephonyOnline and Connected Planet, is coming to Light Reading.

Now wipe off your screen. We'll wait. Did we not warn you about the coffee?

Yes, Wilson has signed on for a new role that will help expand and enrich Light Reading's daily telecom industry news analysis, and will add even more value to its Webinars and Live Events programming.

In her new role of Chief Editor, Events, Wilson will report to Phil Harvey, Editor-in-Chief of Light Reading, with a dotted line to Joe Braue, Light Reading's Group Director and Senior VP. In corporate America, by the way, the dotted line is preferable to a knotted mass of exclamation points, the type of thing you'll see in Harvey's personnel folder. But we digress…

Wilson's reputation in the industry as a journalist and professional is simply outstanding. In her 20-plus years of covering telecommunications, she spent a total of 11 years at Telephony magazine and TelephonyOnline, eight of those years serving as Editor-in-Chief. Wilson was also the founding editor of Interactive Week, The Net Economy, and the news Website upstart, Broadband Edge.

Mark your calendars: Wilson will begin her new role on Monday, October 26.

— The Staff, Light Reading

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