Telenor Takes Telcordia Into Its Back Office

Telenor Group (Nasdaq: TELN) today announced it will use Telcordia Technologies Inc. 's Next Generation Operations and Support System (NGOSS) as the platform to support the back-office transformation of its wireless networks in Norway, including its 2G, 3G/UMTS, and 4G/LTE technologies.

The Telcordia deal follows Telenor's announcement last November that it would replace its wireless infrastructure with radio access equipment from Huawei Technologies Co. Ltd. and next-generation packet core equipment from Starent Networks Corp. (Nasdaq: STAR). (See Huawei's Nordic Coup).

"This is a key win for us as it helps emphasize our place in the global market," says Ray Bariso, executive director of Operations Solutions at Telcordia.

The Telenor win is also significant because of the scope of the transformation, and because Telenor is building out its new OSS infrastructure at the same time it is building a new network infrastructure, which will enable the service provider to more rapidly achieve the efficiencies of the new network, Bariso says.

"Because they are transforming and building out their new network, they can get that into the new OSS faster, without having to go through a long OSS transformation on the back end. Having a holistic end-to-end view of your network in one place is what will drive them to greater efficiency."

Achieving network efficiencies is a key driver for the deployment of new Service Provider Information Technology (SPIT) systems, and a major focus of Light Reading's Three OSS Imperatives: Customer, Cost & Cloud, a virtual tradeshow (unaffected by eruptions of any sort) that takes place on Tuesday, April 20. (See Why SPIT Beats Ash and The SPIT Manifesto.)

Telcordia is also enabling simpler processes by using the same 3GPP standards-based support system for the 2G, 3G UMTS, and 4G LTE wireless deployments, Bariso notes. That enables engineers to be trained once for the management of all three wireless networks.

— Carol Wilson, Chief Editor, Events, Light Reading

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digits 12/5/2012 | 4:39:18 PM
re: Telenor Takes Telcordia Into Its Back Office

There's something about Bariso's comments that suggests a whole new OSS suite can be deployed and put into a production environment in the same time that base stations can be swapped out. If that's Telenor's plan - to start using its new RAN infrastructure at the same time as it switches on its new OSS - I can't help thinking those base stations might be sitting idle for a while...

But that's just me! Neat trick if they can do it.


cnwedit 12/5/2012 | 4:39:17 PM
re: Telenor Takes Telcordia Into Its Back Office It's my understanding Telcordia's NGOSS is at the network layer and will interface to the existing billing and CRM systems, not replace them. They are claiming this will get Telenor's new infrastructure up and running more quickly, not create delays.
digits 12/5/2012 | 4:39:16 PM
re: Telenor Takes Telcordia Into Its Back Office

Right, not replacing any OSS or BSS, just replacing infrastructure -- but deploying a new OSS with multiple interfaces, and clearly having to provide a number of network management capabilities.... seems to me that's quite a big integration job.

But I'm just speculating, based on what I have heard of other deployments, especially when the hardware and software come from different vendors. 

cnwedit 12/5/2012 | 4:39:14 PM
re: Telenor Takes Telcordia Into Its Back Office So, it will be interesting to see how it plays out.
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