Telemedicine Man

3:00 PM -- Paging Doctor Hologram. Paging Doctor Hologram.

From The Philter's email bag: A mailing list discussion about telemedicine brought up the issue of licenses. Someone in the group said that telemedicine might be held up because doctors will need to be licensed wherever they may reach via the Internet (or Internet2). But one response to that point was particularly chilling:

The great irony is that Americans get treated every day by physicians who may or may not meet their state’s licensure rules. A case in point is Florida’s cruise ship industry, whose shipboard physicians may have received training in another country and may not be board certified to practice in Florida, but who can treat Floridians who voluntarily go aboard for a day cruise.

Guess who's not going on a Florida cruise ship anytime soon. That would be me.

— Phil Harvey, Far-Reaching Medicine Editor, Light Reading

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