WiMax Telecom Acquires Spectrum

WiMax Telecom GmbH has acquired the nationwide frequencies for WiMax in Austria

January 18, 2005

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ZURICH -- WiMAX Telecom GmbH, a subsidiary of the SwissWiMAX Telecom AG, has acquired the nationwide frequencies for WiMax inAustria. WiMAX Telecom was founded by Werner Kastzler, the former CEO ofTelekom Austria and Ericsson Austria, together with Dov Bar-Gera, thefounder of surfEU, RSLCom Austria and Airpage. All activities will, in thefuture, be steered by WiMAX Telecom AG, Switzerland, which already hasconcrete plans for a rollout among others in Switzerland. Provided thefrequencies are made available by OFCOM (Swiss Federal Office ofCommunications), customers in Switzerland will be able to benefit fromWiMax as early as end of 2005.

WiMAX Telecom GmbH was the sole provider to obtain the nationwide rights to theWiMax frequencies in Austria at the auction of October 4, 2004. With a range of 25kilometers and transmission rates of up to 70 Mbps, this new radio technology isexpected to become standard for wireless broadband internet access and mobiletelephony. WiMAX, which provides a throughput rate 30 times faster than UMTS 3G,is the first technology offering both realtime and unlimited mobile services. Thevoice-over-IP technology, set to be incorporated in mobile phones during 2005, willenable customers to make mobile phone calls throughout Switzerland at far lowerrates and without paying horrendous roaming fees.

The far-reaching range of WiMAX now makes it possible, for the first time, to extendbroadband technology to rural areas, and the high transmission rates make itpossible to cover urban areas with just a few WiMAX antennae. "Concrete plans arenow in place for Switzerland as well as Austria. Provided we get a license fromOFCOM, we plan to erect the first WiMAX antennae in Switzerland towards the end of2005," explains Dov Bar-Gera. And Werner Kastzler adds: "Lower installation costsand the determination with which the telecom and IT industries support thistechnology will enable us to complete the Switzerland-wide rollout by 2008." Settingup the Austrian network is scheduled to start in mid 2005, and the introduction ofthis technology in Eastern Europe is already in the planning stages.

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