Telecom Innovators Video Showcase
Fiber connectivity: A monetization opportunity for telcos Paul Barowsky, Chief Growth Officer at Comviva, joins Light Reading Contributing Editor Sue Marek as they discuss the exponential growth of the global fiber connectivity market, expected to cross $50 billion by 2030. #sponsored Watch Now
Telecom Innovator - Spirent CEO Eric Updyke talks to Light Reading Heavy Reading analyst Ruth Brown caught up with Spirent Communications at MWC Barcelona recently and spoke to CEO Eric Updyke about his thoughts on the latest trends in 5G. #sponsored Watch Now
How telcos can build the future they want with open source In this interview, Chris Wright, Red Hat CTO and SVP of Global Engineering, and Jennifer Pigg Clark, Principal Analyst at Light Reading, discuss the need to change the way we think about openness at every order of magnitude when building modern networks. #sponsored Watch Now
Transforming the BSS: A Prerequisite for CSPs’ Growth Discover how Accenture is helping CSPs reinvent by updating tech and operating models, adopting new growth models and driving hyper-personalization here. #sponsored Watch Now
Intent and the journey to zero touch networks What are the new requirements that are driving network automation to the next level? Ron Porter, Head of 5G Network & OSS Product Marketing discusses zero touch automation, how this relates to “service intent,” and more. #sponosored Watch Now
How cybersecurity has changed and why telcos should offer it as a top value-added service Razvan Todor, VP of Product Management at Bitdefender, a global leader in cybersecurity, discusses how the consumer cyberthreat landscape has rapidly changed over the last two years and how telcos should respond to their subscribers' needs by adding a comprehensive security solution to their ... Watch Now
The future of wireless network monitoring: A new approach to RF spectrum monitoring to provide real-time insights and competitive intelligence We are going through a rapid change in wireless networks where new services and new networks like 5G are deployed almost every day. #sponsored Watch Now
Five forces of change in the communications industry CSPs must move to transform their operations and attract the right talent while navigating the complexity of the ongoing technology revolution. #sponsored Watch Now
Telcos must pivot to app quality of experience focus as OTT traffic floods networks – Sandvine

Service providers can move toward sustainable, profitable business models if they optimize and monetize the quality of experience they deliver to consumers and enterprises on behalf of OTT players. #sponsored

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Using automation to enhance the broadband evolution Increased network complexity requires solutions that can help cable operators automatically manage tasks of planning, deploying, and monitoring their networks in the most optimal way, without compromising on cost-efficiency or performance. #sponsored Watch Now
Next-gen Broadband Service Orchestration with Incognito: Driving service agility, subscriber experience and monetization Incognito's Director of Product Management, Jeevithan Muttu, joined Omdia's Principal Analyst, Jaimie Lenderman, at SCTE Cable-Tec Expo 2022 in Philadelphia to discuss how they are helping service providers accelerate the transition to next-generation fiber and 5G networks by centralizing and ... Watch Now
Flexible, cloud native networking is here
Enterprises have fully moved their IT stack into the cloud, and network infrastructure is next. Dave Ward, PacketFabric’s CEO, joins Light Reading to discuss the need for serious positive disruption in telecom, the flexibility of a cloud-native network and how PacketFabric delivers real-time ...
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Private 5G and the telco opportunity

Private 5G is set bring new capabilities to enterprise wireless networks. But which kinds of organizations can benefit from Private 5G? And what roles can telcos play in this market? Oded Ringer, HPE's worldwide portfolio strategy lead, joins Light Reading to discuss lessons learned. ... Watch Now

CSPs ready with 5G but can their BSS help take full advantage of it? Jens Voigt, Head of Product Management, BlueMarble at Comviva, joins Light Reading Editor Ken Wieland to discuss if BSS be able to empower CSPs to deliver faster RoI. 55% operators believe B2B to be the biggest revenue area in 5G, but 62% are not confident about their BSS readiness to support ... Watch Now
Reimagining digital BSS for accelerating growth Sachin Saraf, Senior Vice President, Global Head Digital BSS, Comviva joins Light Reading Editor Ken Wieland to discuss the guiding principles of adopting a Future-Ready BSS strategy. As the digital transformation in the telecom industry picks up pace, there are concerns about how telcos need to ... Watch Now
The digital storm – How next-gen tech is reshaping CSP business for the future Manoranjan ‘Mao’ Mohapatra, CEO at Comviva, joins Light Reading Editor Ken Wieland to discuss how the Next-Gen Tech is reshaping the CSP business. The CSP landscape is changing dramatically due to steep customer demand fluctuations and heightened competition. Advances in device technology, how ... Watch Now
Scaling beyond connectivity: Essential move for CSPs to deliver added value 5G is fundamentally transforming the future of business and opening a new realm of opportunities for communications service providers, enterprises and industries, as well as consumers. CSPs need to go beyond connectivity; they need to encompass digital and IT services to reignite growth by ... Watch Now
Building the open cloud native highway Cloud native mainstream for 5G core is now extending to RAN at the edge. Watch Now
Industries harnessing the power of 5G Service Provider 5G fabric, the ecosystem and open source communities stimulate industry use case innovation and new revenues. Watch Now
Accelerate productivity and efficiency with Cisco Private 5G Cisco introduces a new kind of private 5G network. The converged, integrated private network that can support 5G, 4G and Wi-Fi, while also integrating with existing enterprise networks. Watch Now
How to take security automation to the next level in 5G networks This panel interview will focus on how Palo Alto Networks and IBM are working together to automate delivery of secure 5G network slices designed to protect organizations' business critical 5G applications — with high operational efficiency. Watch Now
5G Open Innovation Lab is solving real-world challenges Join Phil Harvey, Editor-in-Chief at Light Reading, and Ana Redondo, Network Strategy Lead at 5GOIL founding member at Amdocs, to hear how 5GOIL is addressing real-world challenges with technology solutions. Watch Now
The journey to the 5G promised land Ron Porter, Head of 5G, Network & OSS Product Marketing at Amdocs, joins Light Reading Editor Phil Harvey to discuss the impact of 5G SA and network cloudification. Watch Now
Performance visibility critical for private 5G network deployments The fast-growing private network market is set to shape the future of enterprise digitization and experience. Watch Now
Maximizing the 5G opportunity: Trailblazing for the next decade of services This video covers Juniper's view on the implications of 5G on the network infrastructure and how technology and business models need to evolve to address the new use cases. Watch Now
Cloud Metro – One converged Metro for the 5G era Learn about how 5G is transforming the Metro, which is creating both opportunities and challenges for network operators, and how Juniper's Cloud Metro portfolio can help with this transformation. Watch Now
Exploring 5G security strategy considerations Albert Lew, director of product line management from Juniper Networks, joins Light Reading Editor Phil Harvey to discuss some of the key strategy considerations when it comes to 5G security. Watch Now
Service management and orchestration unlocking the true potential of open RAN Learn about key considerations and success factors for O-RAN Service Management and Orchestration (SMO) and RAN Intelligent Controller (RIC) implementation, and how Juniper is addressing the problem of network slicing in 5G networks. Watch Now
How network-as-a-service is turning the WAN into cloud Fiona Graham and PacketFabric CEO Dave Ward discuss the innovation that network-as-a-service (NaaS) is bringing to the telecom landscape, why telco providers are embracing it and how NaaS will play a key role in 5G. Watch Now
ECSite on being a 'born in the cloud' SaaS company Launched out of stealth in 2019, ECSite is a software-as-a-service (SaaS) business disrupting the telecom infrastructure industry through automation. Watch Now
Why the cloud is not just another data center Beyond the tangible advantages, moving to the public cloud has to be embraced as a company-changing event. You can't just retrofit your business model – it requires the reeducation of your people, updating processes and a fresh overarching focus. From a cultural perspective, it allows you to ... Watch Now
Open RAN, open source and the geo-distributed 5G edge Gabriel Brown and Wind River CTO Paul Miller discuss Vodafone's selection of Wind River Studio to build one of the largest open RAN networks in the world. Watch Now
VMware, Intel and Cohere discuss spectrum efficiencies and the telco cloud transform in the RAN Stephen Spellicy, VP of product marketing and solutions from VMware, Caroline Chan, GM, 5G infrastructure from Intel, and Ray Dolan, CEO from Cohere Technologies join Gabriel Brown to discuss a recent announcement in the RAN. Watch Now
Taking the OSS to the cloud – are CSPs there yet and how does it help their digital and network transformation? Traditionally, public cloud was regarded as unable to meet the performance, security and data governance requirements of the mission-critical business and operation support systems used by the communications and media industry. However, faced with the need to increase their agility and ... Watch Now
Accelerating broadband access tailwinds – Light Reading discusses major marketplace opportunities with DZS CEO Charlie Vogt DZS CEO Charlie Vogt and Light Reading Editor-in-Chief Phil Harvey discuss the accelerating tailwinds and significant opportunities present in the access market today, the turnaround at DZS and how the company is helping service providers capture "generational" opportunities. Watch Now
The Juniper Edge The pandemic has changed the economy forever. This has created the need to develop new collaboration, efficiency and productivity muscles in this WFH environment and that implies fluid networking requirements with flexible, agile and scalable Multiservice Provider Edge. Watch Now
The Future of Work – it's for everyone

Learn how new Cisco Webex innovations ensure secure, inclusive collaboration so everyone's voice is heard – regardless of geography, language, tech savvy or personality type and more. Watch Now

End-to-end service orchestration in the 5G and cloud era With the nexus of 5G, cloud and edge, the foundation is being laid to enable a wide range of innovative services. But getting these launched quickly and managed effectively requires service providers to evolve how they approach service automation and orchestration. Watch Now
Reimagining the Internet for the Future Discover how new innovations can fundamentally change the economics of the Internet and help close the digital divide. Watch Now
ServiceNow: Keeping service experience as the focus of digital transformation As communications service providers continue to wrestle with the speed and the shape of their digital transformation, Light Reading's editor in chief, Phil Harvey, and ServiceNow's GM and AVP for global telecom, media and technology, Chris Bauschka, sit down for a brief chat on the progress of ... Watch Now
Discussion with Saankhya Labs on development of truly virtualized open RAN Parag Naik, CEO, Saankhya Labs spoke with Phil Harvey, Editor of Light Reading on the development of truly virtualized open RAN solutions and the evolution of network beyond 5G. Watch Now
Transforming the RAN: Engaging the benefits of the cloud What does cloudification of the RAN mean? What are the benefits of virtualizing and opening the RAN? What is the difference between the telco cloud and a public cloud and what does that mean for the RAN? Mr. Katti and Mr. Harvey dive into these software-centric RAN topics, and more Watch Now
Agility for the Unknown – The Juniper Edge Juniper's MX router product line is one of the networking industry's top franchise product lines, providing customers with the highest level of innovation, performance, commonality of user experience and true investment protection leadership. Watch Now
Monetizing Telco Clouds Under Your Control

Juniper's Wen Temitim, vice president of technology and edge architectures, discusses cloud-neutral telco clouds and monetizing the edge while developing a healthy public cloud ecosystem under the operator's control.

Watch Now
Why Dynamic NF Placement Is Key to Successful 5G AvidThink and Amdocs explore the importance of dynamic network functions (NF) placement in the 5G era of differentiated, slice-based services, and propose a pragmatic three-phase approach for the service provider's journey to autonomous NF placement. Watch Now
Building Better Telco Clouds

As telcos begin to build and scale next-generation 5G and MEC networks, new IT infrastructure manageability challenges are emerging.

Watch Now
STL's Innovative Retractable Cable Solution Global bandwidth consumption is growing at an exponential pace and operators are rapidly deploying FTTH networks to support this demand. STL's innovative Retractable Cable solution, with its unique design, construction and application, enables operators to roll out networks faster and more ... Watch Now
CSPs Living in a Multicloud World Shekar Ayyar, GM Telco Edge Cloud, VMware, in conversation with Phil Harvey, US Bureau Chief, Light Reading on how CSPs can participate in the Cloud Economy from Core to Edge. Watch Now
Protecting the Mobile Network Core During Transition From 4G to 5G The core of the mobile network is fundamentally changing. The standard EPC framework is transforming into a virtualized EPC framework, with a move away from proprietary and standalone operating systems with single-vendor software stacks to open standards-based architectures that are dynamic and ... Watch Now
Amdocs: Redefining & Accelerating 5G Rollouts Amdocs' 5G Fast portfolio accelerates efficient and scalable 5G deployments with software-driven automation, innovative analytics tools, and cross-equipment-vendor solutions for planning, design, integration, acceptance and optimization. We provide solutions that redefine how service ... Watch Now
Antronix: Industry Leader for 40 Years & Counting Antronix President Neil Tang looks at the company's continuing legacy of leading cable industry technology. Watch Now
New 5G Network Security Threats Yasir Liaqatullah, VP of Product at A10 Networks, joins Phil Harvey, Light Reading US Bureau Chief, to discuss the new 5G network security threats facing operators and mobile service providers. Watch Now
Sigma Systems at Digital Transformation World 2019 Tim Spencer, CEO of Sigma Systems, discusses what "B2Be Different" entails and the exciting road ahead for the company. Watch Now
Ciena Talks Converged Interconnect Networks at Cable Next-Gen At Cable Next-Gen Technologies and Strategies in Denver, Alan Breznick sat down with Ciena's Fernando Villarruel to talk about Converged Interconnect Network, DAA and the path to a more adaptive network. Watch Now
Red Hat Enterprise Linux: A Secure Foundation for the Telecom Ecosystem Light Reading Editor-In-Chief Ray Le Maistre speaks with Red Hat Vice President and General Manager Stephanie Chiras about how Red Hat Enterprise Linux provides a secure, consistent and resilient foundation that extends beyond the traditional operating environment. Watch Now
Viasat: Connecting the Unconnected Viasat has been an innovator in satellite communications for over 30 years. Now, the company is expanding to bring service to the most hard to connect places around the globe. Watch Now
LotusFlare: Awesome Digital Experiences to Drive Growth With a founding team coming from Facebook and other Internet companies, LotusFlare bridges telecom operators with best practices from the Internet domain: modern IT systems, better digital customer experiences, and increased margins. We are backed by Google Ventures, Social Capital and ... Watch Now
Source Photonics CEO: Vertical Integration & Lean Models Key to Continuing Success Exciting new applications such as IoT, virtual reality and cloud services all depend on world-class connectivity, and 5G's success will depend on a reliable, next-generation optical networking foundation. Watch Now
MobiledgeX: Who Benefits From Edge Computing? Jason Hoffman explains how MobiledgeX is supporting the edge ecosystem where mobile operators, application developers, cloud providers and device makers can participate and leverage their existing assets and investments to generate new experiences and new revenue streams. Watch Now
Why Is 5G Different? Yogen Patel, head of Amdocs open network marketing, describes how 5G will be different from the previous wireless technology advancements, and how operators should prepare for and execute the 5G-driven network transformation. Watch Now
VMware Service Assurance: Reducing Operational Complexity in the Modern Telco Cloud VMware Smart Assurance provides CSPs the operations intelligence and automation they need to manage both physical and virtual network environments as a single entity while supporting their journey to the modern telco cloud. Enabling CSPs in their quest for digital transformation, Phil Harvey ... Watch Now
Architect Digital-Ready Infrastructures Using SDN & NFV Re-architect your IT infrastructure, using software-defined interconnection to innovate and transform your business. An Interconnection Oriented Architecture approach to IT empowers businesses to react in real time at the digital edge, adapt quickly to change and leverage digital ecosystems to ... Watch Now
Accenture 5G Acceleration Services at Mobile World Congress Americas 2018 – Part 2 Accenture's Jeff Wang and Tejas Rao talk to Light Reading's Phil Harvey about how Accenture is helping clients make the most of the investments needed to evolve and deploy their 5G networks. Watch Now
PacketFabric: Leading the Way in Highly Scalable Network Automation Jezzibell Gilmore, co-founder and SVP of Business Development at PacketFabric, provides an overview of PacketFabric's fully automated network-as-a-service platform, explaining how its customers are succeeding with network automation, and talks about how PacketFabric is growing. Watch Now
Accenture 5G Acceleration Services at Mobile World Congress Americas 2018 Accenture's Jeff Wang and Tejas Rao talk to Light Reading's Phil Harvey about how Accenture is uniquely positioned to help clients in the journey to 5G. Watch Now
Semtech: LoRa Technology Enabling Proven, Flexible IoT Solutions Marc Pegulu, Vice President and General Manager of Semtech's Wireless and Sensing Products Group, gives an overview of the value and key benefits that LoRa Technology provides enterprises globally for their Internet of Things (IoT) solutions. Watch Now
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What is LoRa?
Why LoRa?
LoRa Applications
Versa's CEO, Kelly Ahuja: Securing & Software-Defining the WAN Edge Kelly Ahuja, CEO of Versa Networks, gives his insights into how Versa is #Winning, #Growing and #Innovating. And why the Versa Secure Cloud IP Platform is enabling managed service provider partners and enterprise customers to securely transition to multicloud, transforming the WAN edge into an ... Watch Now
How Lumina Is Redefining SDN Less than a year after being spun off from parent company Brocade, Lumina Networks has secured over $10 million in Series A funding and caught the attention of industry juggernauts such as AT&T and Verizon. Lumina COO Nitin Serro talks about the future of SDN, and how Lumina is changing the ... Watch Now
Aryaka's Gary Sevounts: Advantages to Consuming SD-WAN as a Service The way enterprises consume services is changing. Products and services must be delivered on-demand and in just the right amount. Watch this most recent conversation with Aryaka's Chief Marketing Officer, Gary Sevounts, on how they are delivering SD-WAN as a service to global businesses, along ... Watch Now
Calix's Shane Eleniak: How Data Analytics & Software Defined Access Are Changing Service Delivery Calix is helping service providers build next-generation networks by embracing a DevOps operating model and optimizing the subscriber experience by leveraging data, allowing them to become more efficient and successful. Hear from Shane Eleniak, Calix vice president of products, about how Calix ... Watch Now
MobiledgeX's Jason Hoffman: State of the Edge Jason Hoffman is CEO of MobiledgeX, a relatively new company that is a wholly owned subsidiary of Deutsche Telekom focusing on developer-facing edge services and everything that is needed from an edge perspective leading up to 5G. Why is edge important, what services are needed, who is edge for ... Watch Now
The 5G Connectivity Challenge 5G promises to change the way we live our lives, with unprecedented services and unparalleled user experience. To facilitate the experience, mobile network operators (MNOs) need to build an underlying connectivity infrastructure that is capable of delivering on demands like massive machine ... Watch Now
Network Intelligence & Automation in Mergers & Migrations Light Reading's Editor-in-Chief, Ray Le Maistre, sits down with Sedona Systems CTO Ori Gerstel to discuss how service providers are speeding up their success in various types of network mergers and migrations, enabled by network intelligence and automation via NetFusion. Watch Now
Why Telcos Need an Elastic Services Platform ECI's ELASTIC Services Platform takes networking solutions to the next level, allowing service providers to concentrate on launching new services and driving new revenue streams. Watch Now
Why Hardware Still Matters in the SDN Era Kontron's GM, Robert Courteau, discusses how hardware still matters in a software-defined world. He explains how vendors like Kontron and its partners have made significant strides to eliminate the arduous integration efforts of open source. Watch Now
Why Is Autonomous Operations Key to Your Network Evolution? Angela Logothetis, VP Amdocs Open Network CTO, explains how Amdocs Autonomous Service Assurance changes the paradigm of service assurance, delivering game-changing operational cost savings to service providers and superior service experience to customers. Watch Now
Ribbon's Kevin Riley Talks New Company Brand, Latest Security Offerings & 2018 Trends Ray Le Maistre sat down with Ribbon Communications CTO Kevin Riley at Mobile World Congress 2018 to discuss various topics including the company’s new brand, the unveiling of its Ribbon Protect Security Platform and other strategic offerings, and the recently completed GENBAND-Sonus merger. Watch Now
The Cumulus Networks Success Story Cumulus Networks helps organizations of all sizes and across all verticals to adopt web-scale networking technologies simply and affordably. Watch Now
CloudPassage Ensuring Next-Level Container Security CloudPassage's new technology 'Container Secure' involves a five-step process to insure seamless security in container deployments from the beginning till the end. A few features include being able to detect vulnerabilities, image assurance and an integrated DevOps ecosystem. Watch Now
EXFO: Next-Level Assurance Solutions & Automation Claudio Mazzuca, Vice President of Systems & Analytics for EXFO, breaks down EXFO's three-part assurance solution for SD-WAN -- Cloud enabled EXFO Worx, real-time performance analytics engine EXFO Xtract, and recent acquisition, Ontology, which boasts a broad, real-time network topology view to ... Watch Now
EXFO: Automate or Stagnate Claudio Mazzuca, Vice President of Systems & Analytics Assurance for EXFO, explores why automation is key for providers to survive, profit and deliver next-generation services. He says EXFO is focused on offering real-time test and assurance solutions, ensuring providers have checks and balances ... Watch Now
RAD Shares Insights on Latest Developments in vCPE & SD-WAN, & the MEF17 Silver Award Winning PoC RAD's VP of Marketing and Business Development, Ilan Tevet, sits down with Light Reading's Editor-At-Large, Carol Wilson, to discuss the recent developments in vCPE and SD-WAN, along with how RAD's Flexible vCPE-Toolbox with its vCPE-OS for any server allows operators to deploy white boxes at ... Watch Now
100GbE in Action & More at MEF17 ORLANDO, 11/30/2017 – Light Reading Editor-at-Large Carol Wilson and John Hawkins, Ciena's resident Ethernet expert, discuss innovations, proof of concepts and how enhancements to Ciena's packet portfolio allows service providers to cost-effectively expand and scale their Ethernet Business ... Watch Now
ADLINK Talks About OCP & Next Generation Telecom Infrastructure SAN JOSE, Calif. -- Jeff Sharpe of ADLINK sits down with Craig Matsumoto and shares insights on the leading edge computing platforms, the importance of OCP, SDN/NFV and Multi-Access Edge Computing in the telecom industry. Watch Now
LINX Talks About Open Networking & OcNOS SILICON VALLEY, 11/9/2017 – Listen to Richard Petrie, CTO of LINX, explain how LINX is adopting a disaggregated format for their secondary London interconnect platform (LON2). Watch Now
Nominum & Security for Small to Midsized Businesses REDWOOD CITY, 10/16/2017 – Arlen Frew discusses the latest security innovations Nominum is working on, from credential threats to encryption theft secured by their latest software that monitors Internet activity and potential malware within a group of employees. Watch Now
C-V2X Is Getting Ready for Commercialization With Growing Ecosystem Support SAN FRANCISCO, 10/4/2017 – Durga Malladi, SVP of Engineering from Qualcomm, discusses how momentum continues to build around Cellular Vehicle-to-Everything (C-V2X) technology with growing ecosystem support. Watch Now
Ixia Launches World’s First 400GE Testing Solutions SAN FRANCISCO, 10/4/2017 – Ixia's senior product manager, Charles Seifert, sits down with Light Reading editor-in-chief Craig Matsumoto to talk about the recent launch of the world's first 400GE testing solution, which garnered multiple Best of Show awards at Interop Tokyo 2017. Watch Now
Xilinx Zynq UltraScale+ RFSoCs Integrate the RF Signal Chain SAN JOSE, 10/3/2017 – Xilinx discusses product details of their Zynq UltraScale+ RFSoC family, which integrates multi-giga-sample RF data converters and soft-decision forward error correction (SD-FEC) into an All Programmable SoC architecture. Watch Now
Pluribus: SDN & Beyond An innovator exclusive with Pluribus Networks and how they've moved beyond the traditional SDN! Meet Netvisor, a virtualized Network Operating System (NOS) that provides a best-in-class layer 2 and layer 3 networking foundation, distributed fabric intelligence and virtualizes the switch ... Watch Now
Cloud, Security, AI & IoT Are Driving the Need for Application-Specific Coprocessors Niel Viljoen, Netronome's CEO, discusses the changes happening in the processor market, parallel processing and how coprocessors are a must now due to the demise of Moore's Law. For example, networking and security processing requirements are outstripping general purpose CPU performance. ... Watch Now
Masergy's NFV Journey Ray Watson, vice president of global technology at Masergy, discusses the advantages and challenges in entering the still-maturing NFV market for the past three years. Watch Now
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SDN and NFV in the WAN
Mavenir on RCS Cloud Platform & Multi-ID Guillaume Le Mener, head of marketing and corporate development at Mavenir, discussed RCS and the recent launch of Multi-ID. Watch Now
Keep Connected IoT Devices Under Control With Allot Allot AVP of International Pre-Sales, Daniel Keidar, explains how communications service providers can protect infrastructure and service availability from flooding attacks caused by malfunctioning or bot-infected devices connected to their network. Watch Now
Metaswitch: Defining the Cloud Native Core Metaswitch CMO Ian Maclean sits down with Light Reading's Steve Saunders to discuss the future of NFV. Watch Now
Accelerating IP/Optical Network Visibility & Control Sedona Systems CTO Ori Gerstel speaks with Light Reading's Ray Le Maistre about the latest advances in IP/Optical network control. Watch Now
Making 5G NR a Reality With Qualcomm Listen to Dr. John Smee, VP of Engineering at Qualcomm Technologies, describe how the industry is preparing to accelerate 5G NR -- the global 5G standard -- for commercial deployments starting as early as 2019. Watch Now
Act on Your Intelligence With Amdocs aia! Amdocs CMO Gary Miles explains how communications service providers can seize the AI opportunity with Amdocs real-time digital intelligence platform. Watch Now
Making 5G New Radio (NR) a Reality Listen to Dr. John Smee, Vice President of Engineering at Qualcomm, talk about the tremendous progress the industry is making towards making 5G NR – the global 5G standard – a reality. Hear about the latest demonstrations and technologies Qualcomm was showcasing at Mobile World Congress. Watch Now
Accelerating C-V2X Toward 5G for Autonomous Driving Listen to George Tsirtsis, Senior Director of Technology at Qualcomm, describe the critical role Cellular-V2X (C-V2X) will play in the autonomous car of the future. And hear about the outstanding momentum toward making C-V2X a reality. Watch Now
Dan Sahar of Qwilt on Open Edge Cloud Platform Dan Sahar, Qwilt's co-founder, sits down with Steve Saunders of Light Reading for a conversation about Qwilt's Open Edge Cloud platform and the new role of service providers in application and content delivery. Watch Now
Nominum's Craig Sprosts on DNS & Cybersecurity Trends Nominum's Craig Sprosts talks about the fast-changing landscape of cybersecurity with Steve Saunders of Light Reading. Sprosts touches on the trend of the rise of ransomwares, rivals of IoT base attacks, and mobile network security. He also discusses the realization of the importance of IoT ... Watch Now
Versa: A Lot More Than SD-WAN Kelly Ahuja, the new CEO of Versa Networks, speaks with Steve Saunders of Light Reading about how Versa offers much more than just SD-WAN, and its plan to grow market adoption in 2017. Watch Now
SmartNICs & the Future of Network Virtualization Netronome CEO Niel Viljoen talks with Light Reading's Steve Saunders about SmartNICs and the evolution of NFV in carrier and cloud networks. Watch Now
Introducing the Next-Generation ONT (Optical Network Terminal) From Virtual Gateway Labs Virtual Gateway Labs has developed Next Generation Optical Gateways to offer added smarts and capabilities beyond the traditional ONT (Optical Network Terminal). Watch Now
A10 Networks on Service Providers' Industry Needs Light Reading's Steve Saunders hears how A10 enables service providers to accelerate, secure and optimize their application delivery to drive down costs, enhance service availability, and better respond to customer requirements, so they can improve customer satisfaction, monetize their network, ... Watch Now
UXP's Gemini Waghmare Light Reading CEO Steve Saunders and UXP Systems CEO Gemini Waghmare discuss the strategic importance of digital identity for operators in the midst of transformation. Watch Now
Check Point on Cybersecurity Aviv Abramovich talks to Light Reading's Ray Le Maistre about Check Point's efforts in cybersecurity and its partnership with CSPs. Watch Now
Versa Networks' Kumar Mehta on SD-WAN Managed Services In Silicon Valley, Steve Saunders sits down with Versa's Kumar Mehta for an interview focused on why service providers are building SD-WAN managed services, and how Versa's telco customers are innovating. Watch Now
The Era of Agile Optics Has Arrived Join Light Reading's Ray Le Maistre and ECI's Jonathan Homa as they discuss the challenges and some possible solutions providers will face as their networks approach the Shannon Limit. As OTT services garner demand, service providers will need to decide how to move towards a more elastic ... Watch Now
Atrinet's NetACE – Migration to NFV & SDN With NetOps-Driven LSO At Atrinet's headquarters, Ray Le Maistre sits down with Roy Silon to get an in-depth look into the company's focus and the secret recipe for their success. Watch Now
Sonus in VellOS Dan Teichman, senior product marketing manager at Sonus, discusses Sonus's SDN strategy and key use cases for VellOS, its programmable network control platform. Watch Now
Mellanox Open Composable Networks, Partnership With Cumulus & CDN Reference Architecture Light Reading brings you the latest update on the Carrier Ethernet world. Kevin Deierling of Mellanox introduces their latest technology and shares insights on the white box movement, innovating software platforms and the important role of OCP in the telecom world. Watch Now
Network Security Orchestration Cybersecurity is becoming top of mind for service providers. Complexity arising from IoT, small cells, NFV, and SDN will further strain network security and operations teams. As insiders are behind 70% or more of all security breaches, and 65% of all cyber attacks exploit network vulnerabilities ... Watch Now
Sonus in the Cloud Kevin Riley, senior VP and CTO at Sonus, shares his insights on how migration to the cloud is changing customer networks and operations, and how the Sonus portfolio is evolving to address these changes. Watch Now
Sonus Strategy Kevin Riley, senior VP and CTO at Sonus, highlights the key strategic initiatives for Sonus in 2016 and beyond. Watch Now
Netronome's Server-Based Networking Platform Netronome CEO Niel Viljoen discusses how his company is bringing the efficiencies of mega-scale data centers to the mainstream. Watch Now
Nexius: The Strategy & Science of Data Analytics Nexius VP of Software Solutions and Strategy Johnny Ghibril discusses how an efficient data analytics program helps network operators translate the voice of the customer into meaningful action for improved business results. Watch Now
Overture Networks NFV Solutions Overture's VP of Product Management Houck Reed discusses how his company's NFV solutions are helping customers to deploy new services. Watch Now
ECI's Elastic Network ECI CTO Hayim Porat and Head of Marketing Andreas Hegers provide an overview of ECI's Elastic Network solutions. Watch Now
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ECI Company Profile
Masergy: Transforming Enterprise IT Masergy's Ray Watson talks to Carol Wilson about deploying software-based services early. Watch Now
Arbor Networks on ISP Traffic Visibility & the Future of Network Services Arbor Networks' traffic visibility and DDoS mitigation solutions are deployed by nearly every Tier 1 and 2 ISP and Cloud Hosting provider in the world. Arbor's Talbot Hack discusses the increasing importance of traffic visibility with Light Reading's Steve Saunders. Watch Now
ECI's LightSec: Comprehensive Cyber Security Solution LightSec leverages ECI's network expertise along with best-of-breed security components to provide the industry with one of the most comprehensive security solutions, which includes: network anomaly detection, big data analytics, strong authentication, DDoS protection, encryption protocols and ... Watch Now
Educational Resources
ECI Company Profile
LightSEC Brochure
ECI’s LightApps: Intelligence for Networks ECI's LightApps increase network efficiency and facilitate a wide range of revenue generating services. They include a variety of applications which can be tailored to your needs. LightApps can run on the existing installed base and offer maximum portability and customization by using standard ... Watch Now
Service Gateway Virtual Edition Allot's Jay Klein talks to Steve Saunders about its new Service Gateway Virtual Edition. Watch Now
SDN Management & Orchestration in the WAN Carol Wilson and Packet Design CTO Cengiz Alaettinoglu discuss CSPs' SDN service delivery and assurance requirements. Learn about a modular approach to building automated control, orchestration and management functions for the WAN that are policy- and analytics-driven. Watch Now
Sedona Systems: Multi-Layer Applications Platform Ori Gerstel, CTO of Sedona Systems, on Sedona's multi-layer control solution. Watch Now
NFV – a Catalyst for Business Services Growth Watch Justin Paul, Head of Network Product Marketing in Amdocs, talk about the opportunities cable operators have in the business services domain leveraging NFV (network functions virtualization) technology. Hear about the challenges operators face in introducing, delivering and operating ... Watch Now
Telefónica: In Search of Virtual Simplicity The head of Telefónica's NFV initiative admits virtualization initially means greater complexity, but with the right abstraction layer, that can change. Watch Now
Affirmed Networks Highlights NFV in Mobile Core Affirmed Networks describes how NFV in the Mobile Core delivered on Intel Architecture-based severs affords service providers cost savings, accelerated time-to-market and greater service agility. Watch Now
NetNumber Founder on Managing Signaling Control NetNumber Founder and Chief Strategy Officer Doug Ranalli describes the essential complexity of real-world signaling-control and how NetNumber enables carriers to bring signaling-control "under-control". Learn why virtualization alone isn't the answer. Watch Now
Tail-f, Cisco & What the Future Holds Steve Saunders meets with Tail-f's Director of Technology, Carl Moberg, in Stockholm to discuss becoming part of Cisco, ETSI MANO, virtualization and the need to combine science and business in order to create opportunities for service providers. Watch Now
Sonus Shakes Up SD-WAN Sonus CTO Kevin Riley sat down with Light Reading to discuss the trajectory of the company, its SDN ambitions and why Sonus is taking a market-disruptive approach to SD-WAN. Watch Now
Automate, Scale & Create With Juniper's vCPE Solution Join Kireeti Kompella, Juniper Networks CTO, and Steve Saunders, Light Reading Founder and CEO, as they discuss Juniper Networks' approach to NFV showcased with a turnkey vCPE solution, which demonstrates how service providers can use automation to rapidly deploy services. Watch Now
Metaswitch's New CEO Martin Lund Discusses His Role Technology industry veteran Martin Lund joins Metaswitch Networks this week as the company's new CEO. In this interview, Lund discusses his new role and the industry's progress with Light Reading CEO Steve Saunders. Lund believes that the industry disruption caused by SDN and NFV is creating ... Watch Now
ActiveVideo's Cloud Virtualization Technology ActiveVideo's CMO, Murali Nemani, discusses how virtualized CPE functions can deliver applications from the cloud to various devices at home. Watch Now
Nominum on Leveraging the Power of DNS to Deliver Superior Subscriber Experiences Nominum CEO Gary Messiana talks about the challenges service providers face in competing for a much more sophisticated customer, a customer that has heightened expectations for more personalized and compelling digital experiences. Providers are focusing their efforts on delivering higher value ... Watch Now
Palo Alto Networks on Expanding in the Carrier/Service Provider Market Alfred Lee from Palo Alto Networks tells Steve Saunders about their new chassis-based system, the PA-7080, and how it can benefit service providers compared to legacy firewalls. Watch Now
The Netformx Ecosystem Ittai Bareket, CEO of Netformx, talks with Steve Saunders about the Netformx Ecosystem, which employs cutting-edge prescriptive analytics to help solution providers maximize profits. Watch Now
Versa Networks on Leveraging VNFs Kumar Mehta, founder and CEO of stealth mode startup Versa Networks, talks with Steve Saunders about how providers can best leverage virtualized network functions (VNFs). Watch Now
Nuage Networks on Operationalizing SDN Nuage Networks CEO Sunil Khandekar talks to Steve Saunders, Light Reading’s founder and CEO, about the need for management tools that correlate the SDN overlays and IP fabric underlays to improve the operation of SDN Watch Now
Arista's CloudVision Anshul Sadana answers questions from Steve Saunders, Light Reading’s founder and CEO, about Arista’s CloudVision, a global cloud network controller for workload orchestration and workflow automation delivering a turnkey solution for cloud networking. Watch Now
Mellanox's New 25/50/100Gb/s Ethernet Products Mellanox offers a complete 10/25/40/50/56/100Gbit/s solution that delivers industry-leading performance, scalability, reliability and efficiency for optimal application performance and data center ROI. Watch Now
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