Telco Print Is Dead

9:15 AM -- RP has stumbled across the following stunningly self-serving stealth survey (SSSSS, for short) on the Light Reading not so secure Web server (NSSWS, to you).


468 service providers took the survey. 98% of them use the Internet to obtain news and analysis of the telecom industry and telecom technology. 77% use it a minimum of once a day. 80% are using it more now than they were three years ago. In contrast, 70% rely on print publications, and most read print either once a month or once a week. 44% are using print less than they were three years ago. Nearly 4% have stopped using it altogether.

Of course, if you ask readers of an online Website what they read, you're likely to get the answer "an online Website." Even so, the news doesn't look good for the TURDS (tragically under-rated researchers of data and services) still working at America's Network, Network World, Telecommunications, et al.

Among other eyebrow-raising findings: Nearly 10 percent of service providers use podcasts to stay au fait with telecom. Weird.

— Red Panda, Snotty Little Furry F***er (SLFF), Light Reading

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