Teem Shows Tiny Amplifier

ANAHEIM, Calif. -- OFC2001 -- Teem Photonics has launched the Metro EDWA™ gain block, the smallest erbium-doped waveguide amplifier on the market. Metro EDWAs are half the size of comparable components and offer cost and integration advantages over fiber amplifiers. EDWAs, invented by Teem Photonics, open up new possibilities for carriers looking to extend their very high bandwidth optical networks into metropolitan areas. In addition, EDWAs are expected to be extremely popular with manufacturers of high-bit rate optical systems, because many of these systems require extra amplifcation to meet existing span lengths.

Teem Photonics’ ultra-compact Metro EDWA™ gain block is its newest EDWA™ product and fits a pump laser, pump multiplexer, waveguide amplifier, pump kill filter, and tap coupler into a 130x27x13mm3 package. By including all the necessary optical components, it significantly reduces the cost of incorporating optical amplification in larger systems because optical assembly is typically more expensive, labor intensive and time-consuming than assembly of electronic systems. With a Metro EDWA gain block, all a systems manufacturer has to add is its own electronics.

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