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9:00 AM -- The anticipation keeps building way south of here, in Irvine, where our Linksys buddies are busy getting a ("Connected") life. NAS-ty delay
The NAS200, as announced in January, was slated to ship in Q1, but has now been pushed back to July-ish. The reason? Customer feedback indicated there was a super-secret media-related feature or two that the box still needed, to make it well worth the $179.99 asking price. That asking price, by the way, just covers the device. Hard drives are extra.

The NAS200 is supposed to be sweet: You can load it with two SATA hard drives, and you can add thumb drives or other external devices to its two USB ports for lots of extra storage room.

Like all smart storage products, it offers one-touch backup for data, and, like most new ones, it allows Internet and FTP access to any files on your networked drives. Pretty cool if you're always hopping between a home office and a real office.

What would make networked storage really cool in the home is if Cisco could make its device a sort of "Media Adapter Lite," helping folks move MP3s and such back and forth between any IP-enabled device. This would not require a PC. This would require some software savvy. But apparently such smarts are already in-house at Cisco, if you believe what it's saying about its Apple TV killa. Click here.

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— Tasman Jasmine, Cisco Watcher, Light Reading

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