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T-Shirt Mailbag

NOON -- Time for an update from the shirtless front. We have some new, ballistic “Where’s my damn t-shirt?” messages of the week. Our first one comes from a reader named Ryan:

    So I continue to receive emails from you stating "join our webinar and receive a free t-shirt!"... well, I've signed up for and attended SEVERAL of your webinars, and have never RECEIVED anything, including your famed t-shirts. Why do you continue to post such advertisements? People like me, who depend on freebies like t-shirts and crappy conference show trinkets, can't take the pain any longer! =) SEND ME THE DAMN SHIRT ALREADY!
Whoa, Ryan buddy, sorry about that. It’s our mistake, but maybe you should consider decaf? The t-shirt is now in the mail. Trust us.

Ryan’s might have been the angriest t-shirt message of the week, but it wasn’t necessarily the most intimidating. Those come from our readers in the armed forces. This one’s from David, in the U.S. Air Force:
    Name: David [last name withheld]
    Title: Information Systems Analyst
    Organization: USAF / JSF PO
    Phone: no calls please
    [email addess withheld]

    In the last year or two, I've been to half a dozen seminars that promise free Light Reading T-Shirts. I've never seen a single one come to me. (Its not why I attend, but still, you'd think I'd have one by now.)
David: We generally don’t like to piss off members of the Air Force, so we’re sending you a t-Shirt, pronto. It will get in the mail as soon as one of our representatives contacts you by phone. And thank you for your service.

For the record, we do send out these t-shirts, but they don’t always go out immediately. If you have been offered a free t-shirt, you might have to be patient until the next shipment goes out.

— R. Scott Raynovich, US Editor, Light Reading

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