Swisscom EDGEs With Ericsson

STOCKHOLM -- Swisscom Mobile has selected Ericsson as sole supplier for its GSM network upgrade with EDGE. The Swiss operator opted for EDGE to supplement its WCDMA network short-term with a mobile broadband solution covering the whole country. The contract has a value of more than SEK 600 million.

Ericsson will deliver all hardware, software and related services, such as implementation, project management, tuning, test and training. EDGE implementation into the GSM network has already begun and will be available in selected areas as early as spring this year. Full nationwide coverage and commercial availability will be provided by early 2005. Supplementary to its WCDMA coverage, Swisscom Mobile is going to provide sufficient broadband bandwidth in rural areas as well as on main train routes for its customers to conveniently use mobile data communication. Meanwhile Swisscom Mobile's WCDMA roll-out - for which Ericsson also is the sole supplier - progresses at full speed. First WCDMA services are launched this year.

By complementing their WCDMA network with Ericsson's EDGE upgrade, Swisscom Mobile will very soon be able to offer its customers fast access to mobile data services throughout Switzerland. EDGE allows for data throughput of 150 to 200 Kbit/s, which is up to four times the speed achieved by GPRS. WCDMA already today allows throughputs of up to 350 Kbit/s. Until 2008 it should be accelerated to 3 Mbit/s.

"We are pleased that Swisscom Mobile has chosen Ericsson for its EDGE upgrade," says Kristian Teär, Head of Ericsson in Germany, Austria and Switzerland. "As a longtime business partner for Swisscom and as a world leading supplier of EDGE we are proud to be able to contribute to Swisscom Mobile's mobile broadband strategy."

"With our decision for WCDMA, EDGE and WLAN, we can ensure our customers seamless access to mobile broadband services throughout the country very soon," states Carsten Schloter, CEO of Swisscom Mobile. "Ericsson's experience in EDGE and their expertise in both GSM and WCDMA have played an important role in choosing Ericsson as a partner."

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