Swallow a Lie

12:05 PM -- Are you, like so many others, despondent over the collapse of the Atkins empire?

Are you so confused, you might even consider eating a potato?

Well, there's no need to resort to that kind of craziness. The shrinks are riding to the rescue with a radical new solution: "Stop noshing, try brainwashing."

    A group of students was asked to fill out forms about food experiences and preferences. Some of the subjects were then given a computer analysis that falsely said they had become sick from eating strawberry ice-cream as children.

    Almost 20 percent later agreed in a questionnaire that strawberry ice-cream had made them sick.

Yup, it turns out people will believe absolutely anything they're told. But heck, that's old news, ain't it? Red Panda doesn't want to bore you here.

But if you ask him, these folks just need to drink more (about 28 shots a week ought to do it). And Red Panda don't mean that low-carb swill. — Red Panda, Secretary of Health and Human Services, Light Reading
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