Survey: 91% of Japanese Won't Buy 3G iPhone

At Apple's Worldwide Developer's Conference, Steve Jobs was greeted with cheers when he demonstrated the Japanese character recognition of the upcoming iPhone 3G.

But a new survey from iSHARE reveals that Apple's handset may not be greeted as favorably by the Japanese market, as 91% of respondents surveyed said they have no plans to buy the iPhone 3G.

To read the full story on InformationWeek, click here.

– Marin Perez, InformationWeek

El Rupester 12/5/2012 | 3:38:08 PM
re: Survey: 91% of Japanese Won't Buy 3G iPhone I guess it is asign of just how influential the iPhone is that stories likes this get published.

It could set a get trend:
"91% of people do not plan to buy new BMW"
"91% of people did not know Samsung had a new model that they could buy, if they wanted to, which they don't"
"91% of people had no plans to buy prawn salad sandwhiches today"

The possibilities are endless..

More seriously, if 91% of Japanese do not have plans to buy an iPhone, then presumably 91% *do* have plans?

If so, Steve Jobs will presumably be quite pleased at sales of 11million iPhones in Japan.

And do people really care that much about removable batteries. I'd guess that 77% of people wouldn't know what a removable battery weas, let alone how to remove it if you wanted to. And why do you want to?

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