Supercomm Attendees Get Unstrung

Can the telecom industry's standards debates be solved in one high-stakes pool match?

Overheard from cell-phone conversation: "I'm here at the Light Reading party. You're where? Cheetah's?"

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bigdaddy 12/4/2012 | 10:17:42 PM
re: Supercomm Attendees Get Unstrung Great job Phil. I must say I like the "OFC pictures" ending much better than this one. Paul goosing Sharlene is much better than Dan "the angry drunken editor" Jones. Speaking of Sharlene, no pictures this time?

I don't care what anyone else say you guys (almost) always hit the nail on the head. Now, how is it you know about Cheetahs? Are you guys covertly working on a subscription web site? :-)>


scooby 12/4/2012 | 10:17:15 PM
re: Supercomm Attendees Get Unstrung to congratulate... myself.

Nicely played. While Supercomm attendance plunges, layoffs continue, earnings warnings are reiterated, and the industry lies in flaming ruins, you guys manage to provide someplace fun for Nero to fiddle.

Titanic Optics 12/4/2012 | 10:17:10 PM
re: Supercomm Attendees Get Unstrung >>...and the industry lies in flaming ruins, you guys manage to provide someplace fun for Nero to fiddle.<<

I enjoyed the article. I'm pretty miserable, and am hangning on to my job in a city that I only recently relocated to. I've thought about quitting and moving to a back to where I came from and taking a low-end job anywhere.

What keeps me hanging on now is the fun of the communications industry--new technology developments down the road, but most of all, the people that I've worked with and met over the years that I get to have a beer with at industry functions. Let the hangers on from the bubble be gone, some of us still like the industry, and the article was a good reminder of the good times.

Keep up the good work LR.

BLM 12/4/2012 | 10:16:00 PM
re: Supercomm Attendees Get Unstrung With all the gloom that's been hanging over this industry, it's refreshing to sometimes laugh at ourselves ... show some irreverence ... and just have some fun.

Life goes on, change is constant, and eventually things will turn around. In the meantime, I rather enjoy the jabs LightReading takes at all of us. When our sense of humor is finally gone, it's time to move on.

It's refreshing to see the occasional light-hearted jabs from Phil, Peter, Stephen & company. Maybe there should be a link for the site called "LightenUp"?

Carry on LightReading.

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