Suicide or Stupidity?

6:00 PM -- Here's a mystery from Milton, Scotland, by the shores of fabled Loch Lomond:

    Nobody knows for sure, but something strange is causing dogs to jump off the Overtoun Estate bridge, west of Glasgow, at an alarming rate. Most are killed by the 60-foot fall or are so severely injured that veterinarians must put them to sleep. Others have survived, only to come back and try again.

    The mystery has prompted investigations by an animal behaviorist and the Scottish Society for the Prevention of Cruelty to Animals. Even a group of paranormal researchers visited recently. None has found a plausible explanation... [of why] dogs been leaping off the bridge at rates reportedly as high as one per month during the past 20 or 30 years.

Well, that's weird all right, but given that dogs are famously Pavlovian and have approximately the brainpower of a tennis ball, there's probably some obscure, but terribly logical, explanation for these plunges.

You humans, on the other hand, are generally believed to have some rudimentary cognitive capacity... so what's this guy's excuse?

— Red Panda, Friend of Gravity, Light Reading
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