Stupid Things

11:30 AM -- Vonage, which is French for "like phone," is sponsoring MTV's 16th season of the Real World.

In case you've had better things to do than watch MTV, Real World is a show featuring seven strangers, representing various cartoonish stereotypes, that live together and compete to see who can be the most selfish and unlikeable. It's a lot like watching a younger, more foul-mouthed version of Congress in session.

Anyway, Vonage says today they're going to sponsor the whole Real World season. From the PR:

The Austin, Texas-based set will feature a Vonage videophone, Vonage mouse pads, and the screen saver on the PCs will be Vonage's "People do Stupid Things" advertisement. Vonage will also be on the homepage of the house computer.

Now that the whole thing has been stitched together with a big theme, The Philter is encouraging folks to watch every episode and make a list of "stupid things" that people do on the show.

Will household dynamics explode as the roommates start hooking up with one another? Will everyone drink too much all the time? Will they dial 9-1-1 from a VOIP phone? Let the hijinks begin.

— Phil Harvey, News Editor, Light Reading

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