Study Says Cable Subs Could Flock to Telco Video

Think the phone companies aren't much a threat with their prospective video offerings? Well, think again. More than one third of all cable and satellite TV subscribers, or 37%, would consider switching to their telephone company for TV service if the service were competitively priced, according to a new study by Horowitz Associates Inc. That includes 35% of basic cable subscribers and 34% of satellite TV customers. Moreover, interest in switching is highest among digital cable subscribers, who generally pay the most for their service. The Horowitz study found that 42% of digital cable customers express interest in changing video providers if the price were right. The study also found great consumer confusion about various digital service offerings. For instance, many consumers without an HDTV set say they receive HD service from their cable or satellite provider even after they hear a detailed description of the service. Similarly, many satellite TV subscribers say they have on-demand services at home although they don't.
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