Study Finds Strong Interest in Interactive TV

A new study by CTAM reports that slightly over one-third (34%) of basic cable customers are interested in upgrading to digital cable if at least some interactive TV (ITV) features are offered to them. In the telephone study of 1,014 adults, consumers particularly expressed interest in such ITV features as local information, a home media center, TV screen caller ID, game-playing and choosing specific camera angles. Digital cable and cable modem subscribers showed even higher interest in these five services than either the general populace or all cable customers. For example, some 59% of cable modem subscribers said they would be interested in local services, 52% expressed interest in a home media center and 50% indicated interest in choosing camera angles. Cable modem and digital cable customers also showed stronger interest than the overall group in other ITV features, including electronic voting, pulling up background information on TV characters, shopping, mobile video and fantasy football. CTAM urged cable operators to consider these features as "potentially valuable tools to up-sell digital cable service."
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