Student Embraces Hugging

1:40 PM -- The Associated Press reports on an entrepreneur in the hugging field:

    Kneeling for children and stretching to embrace taller people, a college student believes she’s hugged her way into the record books.

    Jordan Pearce, 18, said she hugged 765 people in less than an hour Saturday and plans to send the results to Guinness World Records.

Uh, can't we just lower the drinking age and give these kids something worthwhile to do?

    The hugs took months of planning. Pearce and her family had to apply to Guinness World Records with detailed plans. The event had to be supervised by two prominent members of the community and covered by the news media.

    District Judge Lynn Davis and state Sen. Curt Bramble counted the hugs, which required arms and hands wrapped around the person.

Arms and hands? I suppose fatties remained un-hugged. Poor fatties.

    "I was getting pretty glistening," Pearce said of hugging — and sweating — in the hot sun.

Hey, who doesn't love a hug from a sweltering stranger?

    One man spilled a drink on Pearce. A little girl refused to let go of her blue sucker, and a little boy kicked and screamed, not wanting to hug a stranger, the newspaper said.

Her blue sucker?

— Red Panda, Don't Hug Me, Light Reading

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