Sticking It to the Fat Man

10:10 AM -- More regressive taxes coming your way. And they're for your own good, dammit! The New York Times reports:

    The Paterson administration’s proposal for an 18 percent tax on sugary sodas and juice drinks — an effort that state officials said would reduce obesity while raising more than $400 million a year for health programs — has already touched off a vigorous debate among New Yorkers, nutrition experts and officials from the beverage industry, which vowed to fight the proposal...

    State officials projected that the tax would raise $404 million in the fiscal year that starts in April, and $539 million in the following fiscal year, but said the proposal was primarily a public health measure.
    “We are seeing an obesity epidemic: One out of every four New Yorkers is obese, up from about 14 percent in 1995,” Laura L. Anglin, the state budget director, said at a news conference. She cited research linking soft drinks to obesity in children and diabetes in women and predicted that the tax would curb consumption of the affected drinks by 5 percent.
And who better to pull random bogus health stats out of her fundament than the state budget director?

Meanwhile, the The Village Voice reports that state budget health officials may next take a "look at" cheeseburgers.

Lord help them. I put on 5 percent just looking at a cheeseburger.

— Larry, Attack Monkey, Light Reading

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